10 Informal Pew Ends you Could Make Yourself!

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Whilst the main focus of your ceremony will be on the big I Do, you’ll probably want to add some little touches of decor to introduce your theme or colour scheme, as well as add to the atmosphere of the day.

If your budget simply won’t stretch to elaborate floral displays (and really who has an unlimited budget?!), how about adding a few simple touches to your ceremony? Informal pew ends will help to personalise your ceremony space, are affordable and as you’re about to see, the perfect pieces to do yourself.

We’ve had a look and are excited to share 10 pew ends that you could make yourself and are the ultimate in wedding perfection.

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Paper heart by Bookity

As with all DIY wedding projects we would remind you to be realistic in your timings and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

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