14 Things you don’t want to Forget on your Big Day

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Wedding day things to remember

With a mixture of a million things going through your head and the emotion and excitement of actually getting married, it can be very easy to let simple things slip your mind on the run up to your Big Day only for you to remember them (with a stomach dropping feeling of doom!) on the actual Big Day!

Planning a wedding can feel like a full time job and you don’t want to fall at the last hurdle. Today we’ve prepared a handy list of things you must-do and must-remember for the biggest day of your life, on the biggest day of your life, that otherwise you could easily forget.

1. Car ribbon – Chances are your parents will be needing their own car at some point during the day and will want to have the obligatory car ribbon. Be prepared, have it purchased already!

2. Cash – You mightn’t spend it but it’s best you don’t have to go looking for it.

3. Enlist a point person to be your voice on the big day – Your Maid of Honour and the groom’s Best Man are usually the point of contact on the wedding day unless you have a wedding co-ordinator on the day. Make sure they have supplier phone numbers and anything else you might need sorted on the day – such as point number 4.

4. Payment & tips for suppliers – There will be a few people who need their bill settled on the day, have your payment and tips in labelled envelopes so it’s an easy job for your point person to complete quickly.

5. Photographer and videographer meals – It won’t be written in their contract but it is nice to offer! They won’t expect to eat alongside the guests but a meal in the bar will make them super happy!

6. Phone chargers – Do not spend your Big Day on Snapchat, please! But having a phone charger with you is a good idea.

Wedding day things to remember

7. Change of shoes for dancing – And a shoe box for your bridal shoes, especially if you’ve invested a lot for them.

8. Wedding dress bag and hanger – You’ll need this the day after your wedding unless you prefer to carry your dress out over your shoulder!

9. In car snacks and drinks – If you have quite a distance to travel between your ceremony and reception, it’s a good idea to pack a picnic bag so you won’t starve on the road!

10. Your vows and marriage license – pretty helpful to have them with you…

Wedding day things to remember

11. List of photos for your photographer – If you’ve previously discussed your photo requirements such as family portraits etc. you should be safe enough but if you’re super organised, hand a copy to your point person.

12. Ceremony items – Such as cord for hand fasting etc.

13. Weather appropriate items – So in Ireland it will either be a choice of an umbrella or suncream – or even both!

14. Overnight bag – Your wedding dress won’t feel as fresh and inviting the following day!


(Images from Ruth and Michael’s beautiful day at Middleton Park House, photography by Corin Bishop Photography)

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