Naked Wedding Cakes

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Don’t worry, this is a child-friendly post, no adult themed wedding cakes around here! Oh no, instead we have one of the latest trends for wedding cakes; naked wedding cakes, or unfinished cakes that ooze sophisticated rustic charm. We’ve loved seeing this trend pick up recently and Autumn/Winter will be even better for these rustic gems. Here are ten of our favourites:

Less is more, or so we’re told and the beauty of these exposed cakes is clear to see! The simple nature of naked wedding cakes lets us see the generous layers of sponge and buttercream and sometimes fruit compote and pieces of juicy fruit. We are in cake heaven!

No matter which season you’re getting married in, you can dress your naked cake appropriately. We love the burnt orange tones used in this organic Autumn cake.

A naked cake simply topped with luscious blooms also works a treat!

Summer means only one thing in our eyes – strawberries and cream!

Introducing wildflowers into your wedding cake is sure to give off a stylish organic vibe.

Ombre naked cake

Image: Du Abu

Why not mix two trends, naked cake and ombre? They work so well together!

Dressed entirely in fruit and foliage, we adore the elegance of this naked wedding cake.

Thanks to CocoaMoiselle for this majestic two tiered masterpiece, dressed in berries and a generous dusting of icing sugar. Simple yet effective.

A Christmas wedding wouldn’t be complete without a Christmas cake, so why not go for a naked Christmas wedding cake? Quite impressive we think!

Or what about chocolate? No words needed other than “yes, please!” We love this unusual decor of ivy and figs, and slab of wood it’s displayed on.


We’re pretty taken with this trend, what do you think? Let us know with a comment below!



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