Nine Easy Tips to Seating Plan Happiness

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For many couples planning (and perfecting) the dreaded seating plan can cause a lot of stress and headaches. A giant jigsaw of names that need to be arranged in order, and in who-gets-along-with-who preference can be a nightmare, but fear not because today we’re guiding you through nine nifty tips that will make this job a walk in the park.

1. Get your timings right: You don’t want to be throwing the seating plan together the night before the Big Day so planning well ahead is crucial. Leaving a good amount of time before all the RSVPs are returned will give you a good head start. Don’t be afraid to email, text, WhatsApp, or call anyone on your list when the deadline has passed – or ask your parents to if the guests are their friends.

2. Know the number of tables: Your venue will be able to provide this simple but crucial information – without it you are merely guessing! You should also confirm if tables are round, square or rectanglular.

3. Sort the top table first: That is, if you’re having one. Once that is out of the way you can get down to the more difficult parts of the task.

4. Group your guests: Begin the task by grouping your guests according to how you know them; family, friends, work colleagues etc is a good place to start and will help draw up a rough guide.

4. Ask your parents for help: If you’ve no idea where to seat your parents’ friends ask them and your parents-in-law to help you decide these tables. Trust us, they’ll only be too happy to help.

5. Use good old pen and paper: To actually do the table plan we suggest using a post it note for each person and physically stick them around a table you have drawn on paper. It will be much easier to move them around to get the perfect balance.

6. Be cautious and tactful: Your wedding day is not the day to try to solve problems from the past. If you have guests whose history they’d prefer to forget, seat them away from each other.

7. Don’t play cupid: You may have been dreaming that your Big Day would bring Mark from accounts together with your cousin Aoife but we say skip the singles table, if it’s meant to be, it will happen! Try however not to seat one single person in the middle of a table of married couples, use your judgement and try to be sensitive to the feelings of your guests.

8. Go for a kids table: If there are several children at your wedding why not go for a kids only table? If your flower girl and page boy are the only children you should seat them with their parents.

9. Don’t stress over it too much! Easier said than done but really you will have long forgotten the seating plan once all guests are laughing at the speeches!

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