Nine Tips for Easy-Peasy Bridesmaids Dress Shopping!

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Dress shopping with your bridesmaids will be entertaining, bring laughs a plenty, and possibly be the most stressful shopping trip of your life!

If the time has come for your best girls to be kitted out for your Big Day, don’t move a muscle until you’ve read our top tips for making your bridesmaids dress shopping really easy! If you’re going down the route of shopping from a bridal boutique with bridal and bridesmaid designers, this is what you can expect to happen.

  1. Don’t even think about looking for your bridesmaids dresses until you have chosen your own wedding gown. Your dress will determine the style and colour of your bridesmaids dresses, and believe us when we say it’s much easier to work this way rather than the other way around!
  2. Set a realistic budget for your bridesmaids. If you’re going to a bridal boutique be aware of the price of dresses and do not forget to include, shoes, accessories, alterations, hair, make up and tan for the girls – this will all add up!
  3. As hard as it may be, remember you are the bride and your decision should be final! Your maids will have an opinion of course and you should take them into account, we don’t want any falling out over a dress!
  4. If you order through a bridal boutique, just like your wedding gown, the dresses will take time to arrive. Some designers ask for up to six months lead time and after this you should expect approximately six to eight weeks for any alterations.
  5. Bridesmaids dresses come in hundreds of colours and sizes, not to mention styles, and it is impossible for bridal boutiques to carry each and every option. Expect not to have the exact size and colour of your choice in store – you’ll have to use your imagination instead! If you love the style and the colour, you’ll love them even more when they arrive and your maids are dazzling in your choice.
  6. Bridesmaids dresses are typically ordered using a girl’s bigger measurements, this is simply because it is much easier to alter a bigger dress, rather than working with something that isn’t there! Do make your girls aware their dresses may be ordered in a size up from their normal size so they’re not surprised.
  7. Just because a bridal boutique stocks a particular designer doesn’t mean they will have the exact style you have found online. If you really want to see only that one dress, call ahead with the style number so that you won’t be disappointed during the appointment and feel deflated.
  8. Always remember your maids should complement your gown. If you’re thinking of choosing an unusual shade, consider bringing a sample colour or fabric swatch of your own dress to appointments to make sure they look good together.
  9. Listen to your bridal consultant, they know what dresses look like on even if you don’t think they look good on a hanger.

(Images by Anna Frins Photography via Martha & John’s wedding)

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