10 Extra Costs To Include In Your Budget

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So many couples go into wedding planning without an idea of their budget, and as the bills come in it can get scarier and scarier! 

We will always advise you create a sensible budget for your Big Day, know how much you have to spend, where the money is coming from (savings, loans or otherwise) and work out how much you have to spend in each area. For an in-depth look at budgeting visit ‘Setting A Realistic Budget.’ 

As your day draws closer you’ll possibly come up with a few items that didn’t seem that important but faced with them, they have the ability to throw your spreadsheet off kilter! Being prepared for the hidden costs is the easiest way to overcome them and today we’re sharing 10 extra costs that you should budget for. 

wedding budget

1. Gifts – No doubt you will want to thank everyone for their help and participation in your day with a gift. From the bridesmaids and flower girls, to the grooms party and those friends who helped with DIY elements, the gift list can add up so be prepared. 

2. Postage – Chances are stamps will cost more than you think, given the price of them rises quite often! Add the cost into your budget or better still try to hand deliver as many invitations as possible to keep the cost down. 

3. On the morning attire – You know those cute getting ready photos that you can’t wait to be involved in? Usually the bridal party are dressed in matching pj’s or robes, all which should be included in the overall budget. 

wedding budget

4. Grooms party accessories – From the cuff links to bow ties, socks to hip flasks, the cost of the little extras for the grooms party can soon add up. 

5. Supplier meals – If your photographer and videographer are sticking around until after the meal it’s only right to provide a meal for them – budget for it! 

6. Supplier travel costs – Again, travel may be an additional extra to your wedding package for photographer and videographer, as well as your florist if they are moving items between the ceremony and reception. 

7. Beauty prep – Most brides like to get on top of their beauty regime long before the Big Day. From facials to manicures, set aside some of the budget to beautify yourself- you deserve it! 

wedding budget

8. Corkage – If your reception venue are providing the wine check if there is a corkage fee per bottle. Most places do charge and the bottles can soon add up! 

9. Alterations – You’ve spent all this money on the magical wedding gown and it deserves to fit properly. If you need alterations be sure to include them in your budget as it certainly costs more than just hemming a skirt! 

10. Underwear – Again, for the perfect fit the right underwear is essential so you don’t want to scrimp on this part of the jigsaw. 

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