10 Reasons We’re Excited For 2020 Weddings

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We are within touching distance of a new year, and extra excitingly, a whole new decade! Are you a 2020 bride-to-be? We know 2020 is set to be an amazing year for weddings and we’re so excited for the entire thing! Here’s 15 reasons our Editor, Emma Maxwell’s excitement levels are at fever pitch…

1. ALL the weddings – given the symmetry of the year 2020 is already proving to be the year for more couples than ever to tie the knot. We know many of you held off until now and we’re finding it very hard to be patient, 2020 is going to be amazing. 

2. Individually – If the Duchess of Sussex can ditch tradition and do it her way, well then so can you. We love that every year weddings are becoming less and less conforming to the norm and that couples are 

3. Puff sleeve gowns – we’re pretty sold on modern styled wedding gowns and you’ll not go far wrong if yours has a touch of added oomph in the sleeve department. 

Gown: Eliza Jane Howell

4. Sparkly gowns – Gowns that glisten in the light have been making a huge mark on the bridal scene during the last few years but we just know 2020 will be the year for added sparkle as you walk down the aisle. 

5. Fun bridal accessories – as we shared in this post we’re suckers for a quirky bridal accessory, give us an embellished jacket or beautifully crafted personalised veil any day! 

6. Bridesmaids dresses they’ll wear again – don’t line them all up like matching ladies, let their personalities speak with a dress they love and will wear again, so much better for the planet than wearing once. 

2020 weddings

7. Sustainable conscious weddings – if 2019 was the year we all really woke up the state of the world, 2020 is the year we hope couples will really consider their wedding carbon footprint. Choosing recycled paper stationery, local food produce and charitable favours are all great places to start. 

8. Local florals – there are so many Irish florists who are not only sourcing locally grown flowers and foliage but are growing their own.  This is a great sign for sustainability and means couples can have the freshest florals for their Big Day. 

9. More bride speeches – we say forget that miserable tradition where the bride isn’t supposed to speak on her wedding day, if you’ve got the guts and the things to say please, please go for it! If you’re feeling a little scared about the whole thing, yet would love to do it, why not tag team with your new husband and do your speech together? 

10. Pantone’s colour of the year – in recent years the romantic shades chosen by Pantone have really made their mark on weddings, Living Coral in 2019, Ultra Violet in 2018 and Greenery in 2017. For 2020 Pantone have went a little off piste and chosen Classic Blue. Now this is fantastic for me as blue is my absolute favourite, I went for blue and clementine for my wedding look, but I’m aware it is not for everyone. If you’re a little bit dubious stay tuned to Mrs2be.ie for a look at some of the best classic blue inspiration in the coming weeks. 

See, didn’t we tell you 2020 is set to be incredible for weddings?! Buckle up and get ready!! 

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