10 Tips and Tasks to be the Best Best Man!

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Of course the speech is one of the Best Man’s biggest duties on the Big Day itself but if you want to be the best Best Man here are some of our trusted tips to make sure you get the crown! 

1. Know your duties and better still, write a list! For a comprehensive list of what’s expected we’ve got you covered in our So You’re Going To Be The Best Man guide. 

2. Guide the groom on his suit choices. He will have the final say of course, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay quiet if you think his suit isn’t up to scratch! 

3. Be a bow tie tying whizz because chances are your groom will be all fingers and thumbs on the Big Day! Head to our Pinterest board for a step by step guide. 

4. Be in charge of the buttonholes. Even if you need extra help from the florist (because we know pins can be fiddly) don’t forget the buttonholes! 

5. Same goes for the rings – just don’t forget them! If the couple have chosen to have a ring bearer, your job is to keep the rings in your possession for as long as possible before they are needed. 

6. Glide up the aisle. Today is not the time to display your acrobatic skills with a cartwheel or even a Moonwalk! Grab that groom and walk with confidence to your spot at the top of the aisle. If the groom is a bit nervous this outward show of confidence from you will help.

7. Don’t chat on for hours during your speech. For a guide on what to say, and more importantly, what not to say have a look at our Speeches 101, here. 

8. Don’t forget to dance with the mums, it’s one of the rules of being a Best Man!

9. Take charge of the on-the-day-payments such as settling up with the hotel. Chances are the couple will have you well versed on who needs what so that they don’t have to worry about it and you’ll be armed with a pocketful of cheques! 

10. Above all else make sure your groom is having the best day of his life! 


(Image by Katie Kav Photography from Louise and Tom’s Ballymagarvey Village Wedding)

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