10 Things Your Wedding Photographer Wishes You Knew

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When it comes to capturing wonderful memories of your big day, the most beautiful wedding photos almost always come about when a bride works closely with her wedding photographer and as well as telling them what you want from your wedding photos, that also means taking their advice and most importantly trusting their expertise on the day.

Sadly sometimes brides do end up disappointed in their wedding photography but this is almost always because their expectations were unrealistic in the first place perhaps they booked a photographer without fully understanding his or her style and method of working, or perhaps they had a rigid idea of perfection’ that went awry due to weather or other circumstances beyond anyone’s control.

So here’s the bottom line; here are the ten photography commandments your photographer would ask you to follow if only they could be completely, brutally honest with you…

1. First impressions count. Good wedding photographers will be in demand and while you’re trying to decide who to book, they’re trying to decide which couples to accept. If you phone or email to enquire about prices, what’s included in their package, and what extras you can get thrown in without showing any interest in the actual photos or the photographer’s craft, chances are they’ll be unavailable on your date.

2. Establish a good rapport by getting to know your photographer. If you’re offered a free engagement session, take it. Make sure you BOTH attend all meetings and if your parents are anxious about the photos, bring them along too. That way everyone knows what to expect on the day.

3. Be realistic you’re booking a photographer, not a magician. There’s no point lusting after sunny, hazy wedding photos if your big day is in October and there’s no way your wedding photographer can make you look like a size 8 if you’re closer to an 18. You will still look like yourself in photos and this is how it should be!

4. Timing is crucial. If your reception venue is two hours from the church, you’re travelling by vintage car and you’re having an autumn or winter wedding, the amount of daylight your photographer will have in which to take your photos is severely curtailed. Throw in a couple of time consuming receiving lines and, well, you get the picture (or not, as the case may be!)

5. Dress appropriately and be practical. Go bare-shouldered in December and you are likely to look blue-tinged and miserable in your photos. Put the groom in a wool suit in August and he’ll look sweaty and bedraggled before you’ve even exchanged vows. Even things like long veils and trains can impact on your wedding photos you’ll spend more time adjusting your outfit than you will looking radiant and relaxed in those candid shots.

6. A budding photographer amongst your guests is your actual photographer’s worst nightmare. From blocking your photographer’s view as you come down the aisle to swiping shots of every photo they set up and then posting the lot on Facebook before you’re back from honeymoon, an over-zealous amateur is enough to drive any professional snapper bonkers. So if you can, gently ask possible offenders to let the person you’re paying to take your photos do their job.

7. Likewise relatives who think your wedding is a good excuse to get pictures taken of their whole clan your photographer will understandably want to focus on the bridal party and while pre-arranged family shots are always accommodated, don’t let your Great-Aunt Molly monopolise your photographer’s time.

8. Be careful what you say in online wedding forums or social networking sites. The wedding world is smaller than you think and you could end up ruining a great relationship with your photographer, making for an extremely awkward wedding.

9. Never forget your photographer has a life of their own, not to mention other clients at busy times your proofs may not be ready the second you return from honeymoon! Phone calls late at night and persistent emailing will not do you any favours just because you can’t stop thinking about the big day doesn’t mean everybody else can’t.

10. Let your photographer shoot your day as they see it. If you booked your photographer because you love their work then let them get on with it and you’ll not be disappointed!


{image courtesy of Keith Malone Wedding Films}
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