12 Questions to ask your Wedding Photographer

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You might have found your dream wedding photographer, you love their style, they’re within your budget, available on your date and they get you. To make the most of them here are a few things to consider before you book them to make make sure everything goes as planned on the Big Day, and also so you’ll know the process ensuring no surprises down the line. 

Your photographer will hopefully have covered most of these questions, but just incase here are a few things to ask about when you meet for your pre-wedding chat. 

1. How many hours coverage are included in your package? 

2. Do you charge for additional hours, and how much is it?

3. Do you offer a second shooter option, and what is the cost? 

4. Have you ever captured a wedding at my venue before? 

5. Can I request certain photos to be taken on the day? 

6. How many photos will I receive from the day?

7. What format will I receive the photos?

8. What is the timeframe for receiving images after the day? 

9. Is an album included in my package? 

10. What is the process if you are ill or have an emergency on my wedding day? 

11. Do you need any information from me before the wedding day?

12. What is your payment plan? Do you require a deposit and when is it due? 


(Image by Golden Moments Photography) 

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