HOT Honeymoons for 2013

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Ooh to be lying on a sun lounger, cocktail in hand with the sun gently keeping us warm and bronzing our cheeks… and we’re back in blustery old Ireland. Well, a girl can dream!

We have sun-soaked honeymoons on our minds today thanks to the launch of Kuoni’s Top 10 Honeymoon destinations of 2013.

Top 10 Honeymoons for 2013


This year doesn’t differ very much from 2012, but if you didn’t catch it, here are Kuoni’s travel predictions for this year.


1. Maldives

2. United Arab Emirates  (UAE)

3. Thailand

4. Sri Lanka

5. USA

6. Mauritius

7. Indonesia

8. Malaysia

9. Singapore

10. Mexico


Sand Sea Sky Maldives


Once again, the Maldives reigns supreme in the honeymoon stakes coveting the top slot as the ultimate honeymoon destination. Its superior resorts, many with luxury water villas, join with the year-round sunny climate, fantastic beaches, romantic experiences such as candlelit dinners on the beach, sunset cruises, and hotels to suit all budgets, to make these islands simply aspirational.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has jumped up two places because getting there is easy for this mid-haul destination, plus their luxurious and over-the-top hotels, cultural offerings and vibrant city locations are a major draw for newlyweds.

Singapore and Mexico are new additions to this year’s list at ninth and tenth place respectively. Singapore is an excellent base for a multi-centre honeymoon with Borneo and Australia easily reached from this exotic destination. Meanwhile, Mexico is quickly growing as a more adventurous honeymoon destination, helped by the increased number of flights and good value all inclusive deals at luxurious resorts.

Information from Kuoni.


Honeymoon Alternatives

As much as we would LOVE to hop on a plane to any of these destinations, mid and long haul honeymoons aren’t always an option, especially if the budget just won’t stretch, or maybe 12 hours on a plane seems too daunting! If you want to stick to somewhere a little closer and friendlier on the pocket, take a look at some of our alternative ideas.


Search for the Northern Lights in Iceland

Northern Lights

Fall in love with Iceland (and it’s very easy to!) with a self drive tour around the country’s amazing landscape. From the soothing geothermal waters in the crisp Arctic nights to the dazzling northern lights above, it’s hard not to fall in love with the romantic atmosphere. For more information visit Nordic Visitor Iceland.


A Honeymooners’ Retreat in Andalusia, Spain

DDG Retreat, Spain

If getting away from it all to your own secluded casa in the mountains of Andalusia sounds like the perfect honeymoon for you, look no further that DDG Retreat. Nestled amongst beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, the retreat offers you the chance to enjoy the tranquility of nature, soak up the relaxed atmosphere and indulge in some amazing spa treatments, whilst staying in your very own casa. For more information visit DDG Retreat.


Wine Tasting in Tuscany


For a wine lover what’s not to love? Sun, sea, stunning landscapes and all the wine you can handle! There are any amount of travel companies and vineyards offering couples wine discovery holidays. For more information visit Wine Tours.


Glamping in The Dordogne, France


Are you the adventurous type who doesn’t need all of life’s extra luxuries, and have fallen in love with glamping? Rustic, romantic and remote, the Woodsman’s Cabin with its own lake, is a perfectly self-contained and very eco-friendly hideaway for two. Sounds blissful doesn’t it! For more information visit Canopy & Stars.


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