5 Steps to Flawless Hands

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Get top tips for treating your hands from makeup.ie.

Your hands are forever on display. A little TLC goes a long way. Here’s a little treat for your hands, so take your time:

  1. Make your own hand scrub, with a teaspoon of lemon juice, a couple of desert spoons of sugar and about a desert spoon of almond oil (olive oil will work just as well.). Massage your scrub into your hands not forgetting the cuticles to increase circulation and exfoliate dead cells.  The lemon juice aids removing stains, the sugar exfoliates and the oil softens and hydrates.
  2. Now soak your hands in a basin filled with warm water.  Add in some essential oils, either lemon balm or lavender to help calm and relax possibly the busiest part of your body.  Gently wash away any remaining sugar and oil from your hands.
  3. Towel dry your hands then massage in some of your favourite hand-cream.  Cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, lavender and chamomile are popular softening ingredients found in natural hand-care products. Like the face & body hands and feet too, can do with daily moisture to help keep them soft, supple and smooth.  Leave a hand-wash and cream by the sink in the kitchen and bathroom, so when you wash, you remember to moisturise.
  4. Now your hands are soft and supple why not treat yourself to a French manicure, or a coat of roaring red to show them off.
  5. Remember to protect your hands. Wear rubber gloves for washing up to help reduce wear and tear on your skin.  I know you want glowing hands for that sparkling diamond and wedding ring.


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