5 WOW Wedding Cake Trends for 2017

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Find out what delicious dessert trends we’ll be sinking our teeth into this year with today’s guide to the top wedding cake trends for 2017!


Greenery is the colour of the year for 2017, and we’re seeing gorgeous vines and fresh foliage everywhere in weddings – including on cakes. This trend is super simple to add to your wedding decor, and works perfectly with a no-fuss white however-many-tiered wedding cake. Think succulents (real or sugar), rustic acorns and nuts and plenty of dark and delicious foliage. Simple as.

Credits: 1. Sugarlips Cakes | 2. via Junebug Weddings | 3. Cupcakes & Counting | 4. via Hi Miss Puff

Dripping Gold

For the more adventurous out there, why not try the new take on the metallic trend; a wedding cake literally dripping in gold. We’re not quite sure where this one came from (although we do remember a couple of lipstick campaigns last year with a fairly similar theme) but we love it for its über cool edginess and can’t wait to see the couple who decide to adopt it for their Big Day dessert.

Credits: 1. Klara Liba via Cakesdecor.com | 2. Cupcakes & Counting | 3. via weddingvenues.com | 4. via paperandlace.com

Calligraphy Toppers

It’s almost come to a stage where we don’t remember wedding cakes pre-calligraphy topper (yep, we just wrote that). The ‘wordy’ cake topper is without doubt the most popular for cakes in 2017 and said words are getting more and more inventive. You’ve probably seen ‘Best Day Ever’, ‘Mr&Mrs’ and ‘Happily Ever After’ a thousand times already (and if not head straight on over to Pinterest or e-tailer Etsy for lots of inspo) but how about ‘To Infinity & Beyond’ or ‘Mutual Weirdness Forever’? If you can think of it, it’s probably been done.

Credits: 1. via TheKnot | 2. Cupcakes & Counting | 3. via Etsy | 4. Cupcakes & Counting

Single Tier

The single tier wedding cake, perhaps the most elegant of all the cakes. We love the look of these little cuties, and they look incredible as the focal point of a pretty dessert table (and especially incredible if there’s two or three of them spotted around). Whether frothing with buttercream or delicate and naked and showing all their delicious layers, you can’t go wrong with the minimal look of a one-tier for 2017.

Credits: 1. via Elle | 2. via Fab Mood | 3. Cupcakes & Counting | 4. Cocoamoiselle

Sugar Flowers

A wedding cake embellishment that will never go out of fashion is pretty sugar flowers. These work on almost any style of cake, though the simpler the better, and if you’ve a great cake designer they’ll look just like the fresh version! Model them on your bouquet for extra wedding-theme-points.

Credits: 1. Cupcakes & Counting  | 2. via Buzzfeed | 3. Cocoamoiselle | 4. Cocoamoiselle

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