7 Wedding Planning Tasks for the Groom

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Groom wedding planning to-do list

We’re not being judgemental when we say that *most* Irish weddings are planned 95% by the brides, but thankfully this is a fact that’s changing, year on year. More and more grooms are super interested and are helping out and putting their time, thoughts and effort into their Big Days too, and we couldn’t be more delighted about it! 

If you or your groom (go on email him the link to this!) want to help plan your wedding today we’ve come up with seven tasks that he can do during his lunch break, or at least on a Saturday! 

1. Be the big guy and discuss the budget! 

Discussing and setting a realistic budget isn’t the most exciting thing to do but believe us, it’s a necessary evil unless you want to watch your money disappear. Take the reigns and make sure you spend your hard earned cash wisely and avoid starting married life in debt. 

2. Plan and book the honeymoon of your dreams. 

You want to have something awesome to look forward to after the Big Day itself, right? Get your travelling hat on and discover where you want to visit. As a great starting point check out our recent honeymoon features, there’s a destination in there for everyone. 

3. Choose your Big Day look and go get it! 

Pinterest isn’t just for the bride, it’s a great place to gather inspiration for your all important wedding day attire. Head to our grooms board first to get you in the mood. 

Groom wedding planning to-do list

4. Plan some quality non-wedding time. 

Between work and wedding planning life will be pretty hectic for both you and your bride-to-be. Get your calendar out and mark out a couple of weekends that planning will be put on hold and escape somewhere nice or treat yourselves to a beautiful meal out. Even a days hiking in Wicklow with a picnic lunch will reset your energy levels. 

5. Sort out the accommodation for your guests. 

Weddings are costly for your guests as well as the couple and not everyone will want to stay in your venue. Do your research and come up with alternative accommodation ideas for your guests. Be sure to include taxi numbers for easy booking too. 

6. Seize the day and write that speech! 

There’s no getting out of it, you simply have to write it – now off you go! 

7. Treat your bride on the Big Day. 

A carefully written card or if you’re feeling flush a bouquet of flowers, wedding day earrings or shoes will make your brides morning prep even better. 

Happy planning grooms! 


(Images from this beautiful Melbourne wedding)

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