8 Wedding Hacks To Save You Time & Money!

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Weddings are a pricey business, and stressful did we mention that before? The more crafty tricks and ideas you have up your sleeve the better. Today here’s eight wedding hacks that will help in all areas of your big day, from dressing the bride to decorating the venue.

  1. Sew your bra into your dress. You’ll have lots to think about on the morning so make sure keeping your bra in place is not one of them. Ask your dressmaker to attach your strapless bra to your dress that way you won’t forget to wear it (joking!) and you won’t have to worry about it peeking out.

2. If you dream of a five tier cake but don’t need that amount of cake for your guests have a couple of dummy tiers. This will save you money and give you the cake you always wanted. On the flip side if you want a small cake but need more for numbers, have your cake baker make some sheet cakes and ask your venue to slice and serve these.

3. Serve signature cocktails, Pimms or flavoured water from Kilner jars instead of wine. Bottles of wine can quickly up your budget so cut them out and go for more cost effective options served from large drinks dispensers. You can pick them up cheaply enough online and make a statement with their display.


4. Set up an email account especially for your wedding admin. Being organised and knowing where everything is kept (in the one place!) will make your planning much easier, plus once the wedding is over you can continue to use it to keep track of shared bills etc.

5. Ikea! That is all! Ikea is a treasure trove for affordable wedding decor, you just need a creative mind. From their affordable candles and candle holders, to mini plant pots and jars, we love this Scandinavian mecca. As above, the delightful chalkboard can be transformed into a quirky DIY sign.

6. Number the back of your RSVP’s. There’s nothing more confusing than when guests post back their RSVP but don’t include their name! Take the mystery and guessing out of the equation by discreetly numbering the back of each reply. Tally each number to a name and voila, you won’t have to play the guessing game!

7. Add weights to your veil. A nightmare for many brides is a veil they can’t control! Although those out of control veil captures can sometimes look good, chances are if you could have a veil that cooperated, you’d be much happier! You need veil weights, simple solution to the flyaway problem!

8. Washi tape. If you haven’t used the wonder that is washi tape before, well, you’ve been missing out! From decorating your invites to adding pizazz to simple candle holders and even table runners, washi tape is one wedding hack that we think all brides should consider.

What wedding hacks are you using? Let us know with a comment below. 

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