A Groom With a View: BluefishJD’s Wedding Planning Diary

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We always hear about weddings from the bride’s perspective, her likes, dislikes and desires and rightly so as we do love our brides2be but what about the other important part in this wedding planning process…the groom? Rarely do we get an insight into what he may be thinking, dreaming, worrying about. So with a little nudge and an outlet, a regular contributor to mrs2be’s discussion forums, BluefishJD has agreed to relay the wedding planning process from his own groom’s perspective.


So, over to BluefishJD…

Firstly though this isn’t going to be the start of  our wedding journey rather than pretend I’ve been writing these posts for months I am only starting this today. But to fill you in and catch up to the present time I will be writing about things we have already come across/done/booked/experienced and kinda back date them so to speak. So I may post about something I have already posted in response to another missie’s thread on the forum but go into more detail as well as write about a something I come across that I feel is interesting and informative enough to share.

I know there aren’t a lot of wedding-caring guys out there, and I would never have put myself down as one either! It’s not that when I was younger thought oh ya I’d like that at my wedding… it’s just that this is where I have found myself, having falling madly in love with my Bluefish Belle who is from Poland and after deciding on Ireland as our choice of destination to get married I’m the local – so I have more clout and the all important contacts to pull this wedding off and give my b2b and myself one hell of a big day out albeit within our budget. And not that I wouldn’t want every part of the day to be exactly as Bluefish Belle has dreamed of since a little girl but I (probably unlike most men) actually wanted to get involved, as well as it been necessary in our particular case, and to be honest I’m really interested in my upcoming wedding; as in where it’s going to be, what will we eat, what’s the wedding invitations going to look like, a big wedding or a more intimate gathering, will we have a band or a dj or both?

So if there is any of you out there like me, who kinda care but not yet ready to admit it, or indeed a future bride2be who’d like to see a groom’s perspective or indeed can give me advice and teach me a thing or two then this could be the blog for you!

8 thoughts on “A Groom With a View: BluefishJD’s Wedding Planning Diary”

  1. Susannah Shaw says:

    Yay! Great to see a groom taking such an interest in his wedding. I must show this to my hubbie to be!

  2. this is brilliant coz my h2b is not that interested in all the planning so i will also be getting him to read this blog!!!

  3. Kerry Harrison says:

    Well done BluesfishJD. Looking forward to rest of your posts. Good luck with the rest of your plans.

  4. Jenny says:

    BluefishJD, you’ve always given great advice on the forums, so I’m looking forward to following your blog 🙂

  5. Bluefishjd says:

    Many thanks – can only hope it provides an insight, some inspiration and some light entertainment as I write about my experiences – enjoy and great idea from all at Mrs2be.ie – I know if it wasn’t me doing the posting I’d be interested!

  6. Eimear says:

    Glad to see my H2B is not the only one! We have a very similar situation except I am Irish, he is Polish and we are having our wedding in Poland. H2B is very involved like you BlueFishJD and even though he sometimes goes against me I still wouldn’t have it any other way. Bravo!

  7. Bartek Witek says:

    It is great to see a man/groom speak up 😀 Wedding day is a wonderful celebration and beginning of a life together. Helpful and understanding groom can lift out a lot from a bride shoulder and make all preparations time a lot more fun and enjoyable. Looking forward to see more posts like this one… PS. Good luck with your wedding BluefishDJ 🙂

  8. BluefishJD says:

    DziÄ™kujÄ™ bardzo Bartek – glad there is some interest and hope you enjoy reading it! dziÄ™ki

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