Alternative Entertainment Ideas

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There’s nothing quite like a live band to get the party and dancing started at your wedding, but if you are after that little something extra to really excite your guests, read on for a touch of entertainment inspiration!

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Boothy fun!

Capture amazing memories of the day through the eyes of your guests with a photo or video booth. Photo booths have become a huge hit probably because of the hilarity they cause! You can hire a booth for a number of hours and just simply let your guests know where it is and let them have some fun creating interesting photos for them to take home from your wedding. Many photo booth companies offer props for your use such as brightly coloured wigs, oversized sunglasses and pirate eye patches for your guests to dress up in and snap away to their hearts content! If a photo or video booth is above your budget, a good alternative is to leave a disposable camera on each of your guests place settings along with a pretty little note asking your guests to capture their memories of the day. After your wedding have them all developed and discover what your guests saw on the day.


Turn up the heat

A sure fire way of getting your guests talking could be with a breathtaking fire performance! Those Fire Guys have taken the ancient art of poi (a fire performance originating in Maori New Zealand) and created a visually explosive performance of agility and co-ordination using a combination of light and fire that will stimulate the senses. Fire poi are exciting, fun and beautiful to watch, the element of danger only increases the exhilaration!

Fire breathers

Those Fire Guys

Fire breathers
Those Fire Guys

Get the guests involved

Make your guests have their own fun by simply introducing them to some fun activities such as a caricaturist.  A caricaturist mingles with your guests leaving them with fun keepsakes of the day, which you could use instead of wedding favours.


Bring a little magic to your day

Magician’s aren’t just for kids parties anymore! Yes we said it magician’s and we’re not not talking about “abracadabra!” pulling a rabbit out of a hat, we’re talking about serious mind blowing “how did they do that?!” kind of magic!

Some of the most sought after wedding entertainers are now blending magic, sleight of mind and psychological illusions that will leave your guests speechless!

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Comedy club

Have you heard of any amazing comedians? Why not give your guests a real hilarious treat, which should warm them up nicely, with a comedy show.


Finishing up

Round of your big day with a dramatic fireworks display. Always remember to discuss this with your venue as not everywhere is able to provide an area for the fireworks to take off from.


If you’re looking for some of the best entertainers in the country for your big day check out our wedding reception entertainment section.

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