Sharing Your Engagement News

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Right now you’re probably brimming with excitement after the big proposal, and keen to get planning!  But first things first have you told everyone about your engagement yet?

Who to Tell

Your Parents

Your parents are usually going to be the first people you share the news of your engagement with, because… well… they’re your parents. If both sets of parents have met before, you might like to tell them together.  A nice idea is having a meal all together at a nice restaurant, or one you cook yourself.  You could wait until after everyone has finished eating, and then have your h2b make a toast.  He could say how nice it is to have both sets of parents together again, and then mention that the two of you have a big announcement you’re engaged!

If your parents haven’t met each other before, it might be best to tell them separately.  Tradition usually says that the bride-to-be should tell her parents first, and then the groom-to-be.  Try to arrange an informal get-together not long after you share the news.  This will let your parents meet each other in a casual setting so they can celebrate the wonderful news together.

Your Friends

In the social media age, announcing your engagement can be as simple as changing your Facebook status from In a relationship to Engaged.  This is fine for some of your friends, but for your really close friends especially ones you might want to be bridesmaids! aim for a more personal touch.

You could meet a friend for coffee or after work drinks, and share the news that way.  If you’ve already decided on your bridesmaids, you could also mention to your friend that you’d love for her to be in your bridal party.  For friends you are thinking of having as bridesmaids, it’s best to tell them individually, but for the rest of your friends, you could tell them all together on a girls’ night out.  What better way to celebrate your engagement then surrounded by your closest friends?

For friends who live out of town, or abroad, especially potential bridesmaids, be sure to spread the news with a phone call.  Otherwise, if it’s a close friend, email is a nice, personal way to let someone know.  And if it’s not a close friend, Facebook will probably do the job.

Everyone else!

That’s all the main people out of the way, so now feel free to spread the word far and wide!  Actually, you’ll probably be surprised at how fast the word will spread excited parents, siblings, relatives and friends will all tell people (church gossip, anyone?)
Apart from Facebook, there are many other ways to tell everyone else you care about.  You could have an engagement party as formal or casual as you like, or put an engagement announcement in your local paper.

A Note About Kids

If either of you has children from a previous relationship, or if you already have children together, it is very important that you tell them first even before telling your parents.  It’s a nice gesture to remind them that they are still a very important part of your life.

Try to tell all your children together at the same time, to avoid favouritism.  You could have a nice family meal, or a special day out, and share the news that way.

You might have to spend a good bit of time talking about what your engagement means, especially for life in the future.  If your children have any worries or concerns, it’s best to spend a lot of time talking everything through, before everyone else finds out.  Marriage is not only a big step for you and your h2b it’s also a big step for your children, especially if they are from a previous relationship.  You’re going to be starting a new life together, and you want to start off on the right foot!

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