Best Dressed: Shopping Advice for your Mam

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With your wedding gown sorted it may be time to dress the most important lady in your life, your Mam. We know finding the perfect outfit can sometimes be nothing short of a miracle so we’ve come up with some shopping advice to make the task that little bit easier, and enjoyable.

Outfit: Anoola

Get your timing right

Depending on when your wedding is happening within the year, there are two main months for seeking out the ideal outfit. Spring and Summer MOB’s should hit the shops in January when the new stock has just landed, whilst Autumn and Winter MOB’s should start in July. These months are important as the newest stock will be arriving and you’ll get first dibs on the gorgeous outfit you’ve been envisioning in your head.


Stick with your style

You shouldn’t dress for your age, but dress for your personality instead. Just because you are over a certain age doesn’t mean you have to completely cover up or dress like you never would before! Keeping an eye out for classic and timeless shapes is a great starting point but if you’ve a vibrant personality, there’s nothing wrong with going for a strong and vibrant outfit. Remember to choose a skirt length that you are comfortable with and a heel height that you can walk in – limping MOB is not a good look!


No colour clashing

You will be in many of the group photos throughout the day so it’s a good idea to wear a colour that keeps with the overall scheme of the day, but you don’t need to go for matchy-matchy. Think of colour combinations that complement each other, silver and blush pink or navy and raspberry will look great together. Bring a colour swatch from the bridesmaid dresses when you start shopping – with so many different shades, it can be difficult to carry the colour in your head.

Count on comfort

Feeling comfortable on the Big Day will make or break how much you enjoy the day. Can you sit, dance and enjoy your meal without a dash to the bathroom to unzip the skirt? A comfortable outfit, that you not only adore but enjoy wearing will give you extra confidence that will be impossible to miss.

Outfit: John Charles

And finally…

– Shop with people whose opinion you trust. If your daughter or closest friends approve, you’ll already love the outfit that little bit more.

– Don’t feel the need to stick with Mother of the Bride designers, the high street could be the perfect place for you to find your outfit.

– Don’t rush into any decisions that you are not completely happy with. Ask someone to take a photo of you in the outfit and think about it overnight if you have any doubts.

– Wear nude heels when you are trying on potential looks. They go with most options and will give you a more realistic idea of how the overall look will be.

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