Black Friday Shopping for your Big Day

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We’re guessing you know that this coming Friday is Black Friday? Across the country, actually a lot of the world, people will be pounding the streets to make the most of the discounts, as well as shopping online. From Prosecco to frocks, tumble dryers to socks, the major retailers will be offering huge discounts helping you to save for both Christmas, and if you’re a Missie planning her Big Day, for your wedding day.

Five years ago, Black Friday wasn’t a thing here, but these days everyone, most likely even your favourite bridal boutique will run some kind of money saving deal. Because we’re all for making your money go further, especially on your Big Day, today we have some shopping tips to make the most of the Black Friday deals. Don’t forget Black Friday is followed by Cyber Monday where again retailers will be taunting us all with great deals so if you can’t get to the shops on Friday, there’s always Monday shopping from your sofa! 

1. Make a wish list – Black Friday is a great opportunity to stock up on accessories, gifts, grooms accessories and even decor. Go through your need and want list and make up a list of what you could potentially purchase during the sales. For items such as bridesmaids shoes be sure to check their shoe size to make your shopping experience super easy. 

 2. Keep an eye on our Wedding Planning Group where many of our local suppliers have shared their Black Friday deals. Check it out here and make sure you turn on notifications so you don’t miss anything. 

3. Shop local – Give your favourite stores a call right now and ask what offers they plan to run – many shops are already shouting about their amazing offers! If you’ve almost decided on your wedding gown why not give the boutique a call, you never know, you might get really lucky and save on your dream dress! 

4. Know your budget – It’s easy to get carried away on Black Friday and instead of save money, spend it badly! Set a budget for the items you want to secure and stick to it. 

5. Only purchase if you’d buy it full price! A bargain isn’t a bargain if you never use it, so be careful not to get carried away and get too spendy! 


(Image from Martin and Carol’s wedding by Eclectic Love)

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