Brides Overnight Bag – What You Should Bring!

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brides overnight bag

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We’re betting you are a super organised bride with lists for lists and everything is under control? Don’t panic if it’s not, every little detail will slip into place and your Big Day will be amazing. We know the final few days before your wedding can be pretty busy so one thing to get ticked off your list nice and early is your overnight bag for after the wedding. Now what exactly will you need? Well lucky for you we’ve made an easy to follow list below! And shared a few of our favourite overnight bags too, just in case you’re in the need of a new one. 

1. Your skincare routine – now is not the day to let it slip! 

2. Toiletries including toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume, sanitary products. 

3. Second day outfit and all the extras, such as shoes, underwear, jewellery and bag. 

4. PJ’s, slippers, cosy socks and wedding night lingerie. 

5. Your makeup bag, unfortunately your makeup artist won’t be there to make you up again! 

6. Phone charger and camera. 

7. Practical items such as your handbag and house keys. 

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