My bridesmaids’ dresses have arrived!

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So after the honour of being a bridesmaid for my best friend, I’m back to planning my own wedding!

As I told you in a previous blog I have ordered the bridesmaid dresses. My sister has booked the florist. I can now start thinking about a colour scheme and a theme. I will let you in on my ideas!! The bridesmaid dresses are purple kind of a creamy purple and my dress is cream. So they are my colours. I think I will add a few more colours in though. The hotel is providing the chair covers and they are gold so think I will bring that in with the bridesmaids’ shoes and the flowergirls accessories maybe in the dresses or cardigans. I am thinking of cream flowers for the bridesmaids and maybe a bit of purple through them and for me purple, blue and pink with a bit of cream. I was also thinking about having pearls and feathers in the bouquets and flower arrangements and then using the pearls in other areas like my jewellery and bridesmaids jewellery and using the feathers on the invites and mass booklets.

Purple Wedding InvitationsI have been searching for the invites for the past while and I came across these invites on DIY wedding,  but I would get the card and paper separately and then use feathers like these
instead of the ribbon. I could then use the same feathers on the mass booklets. That is my idea anyway, I just hope it all comes together.

We have completed the registration with the state. I was able to get an appointment for a week that we were on holidays anyway so I didn’t have to take any extra days off it just meant coming back a couple of days earlier. The appointment was fine so don’t worry about it and remember that you can ring up any time to make appointment and the appointment has to be done no later than three months before the wedding. Just a reminder for all the brides (and grooms!) to be out there!

And if it helps, here is what you need to bring you on the day:
•         PPS Number both parties
•         Name of solemniser
•         Nature of ceremony Civil/Religious
•         Original Passports both parties plus photocopy of same
•         Original Birth Certificates both parties plus photocopy of same
•         Date of Birth of both witnesses (must be over 18yrs of age)
•         Prescribed Fee (€150)

I booked the honeymoon!! I had to organise the time off work before I could look into it. We have the month of January off!! So I will be off from Christmas Eve until the first of February!! I booked it with Travel Counsellors. We are heading off on the 4th January. We are staying in Singapore for two nights and then going to Australia. We are staying in Cairns for five nights. We are hiring a car while we are there and then driving from Cairns to Brisbane stopping in a few places on the way including Fraser Island and the Whitsundays. From Brisbane we are going to Sydney for three nights. Then we are going to Las Vegas for three nights and Los Angeles for two nights on the way home. We will be back in Ireland on the 30th of January. I really can’t wait to go!! It was a bit of a compromise on the honeymoon as I had never been to Australia and really wanted to go and h2b has never been to America. I am actually looking forward to going back to America the tour of the Grand Canyon in Vegas is amazing and I want to go back to the Universal Studios in LA. I am really looking forward to going to Oz too I have always wanted to go there.

diamond wedding bandWe ordered the wedding rings!! We went back to Fields in Kilkenny where we got my engagement ring and I tried on a few rings to see what suited my engagement ring. I wanted something with a bit of bling but not something that would compliment my other ring. With some of the rings, the diamonds were hidden by my engagement ring. I found this one and I just love it. You can see the diamonds down either side, and as the assistant said it is nice that it ties in with my engagement ring as it has three diamonds and the wedding ring has three diamonds down either side of it. My h2b ended up going for a celtic design gold band I can’t find it on the website I think it is a new design. I was glad that we ordered them when we did as we were told that it can take eight to ten weeks to get them into the shop.

I have also got the ball rolling on the church paperwork. I have got my baptismal cert from the parish where I was baptised and my confirmation cert and my letter of freedom from my home town. H2b got his certificates too well his Mum rang up and got them for him!! We have completed our pre marriage course and met the priest to do the pre nuptial enquiry form, so I’ll fill you in on those in my next blog.

I was talking to the bridal shop and my dress and my bridesmaid dresses have arrived. I have an appointment  coming up to try my dress on and see the bridesmaid dresses. I can’t wait to have my dress on. I will let you know how I get on…

Until the next time here on mrs2be…

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    I wanted to add on here that I booked the honeymoon with Gail Buckley in Travel Counsellors. We went with her because she is a trained Aussie specialist and she was able to tailor an itinerary to suit our needs. She was very helpful and had no problem changing things around a few times so it was the way we wanted it.

    Hope you enjoyed reading my blog 🙂

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