Bridesmaids’ Duties

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Being a bride can be a stressful time, so a bridesmaid should always be on hand to help relieve some of the stress and worry. The bridesmaid is an important part of any wedding party.

The chief bridesmaid is the bride’s right hand woman, but whether you are chief bridesmaid or not, you have your duties to perform.

Offer to help with the wedding preparations.  Don’t just ask Do you need help, what can I do? – offer your services for a particular task.

Be interested! Ok, so you may not care about how many shades of pink there are, but pretend you do! This is the most important day of her life, and she has chosen you to share it with her, so offer as much support and help as you can.

Provide plenty of emotional support during the planning stages and on the wedding day.

Attend bridal and bridesmaid dress fittings.

Organise or help to plan the hen party.

Help send out the invitations. This can be a stressful, yet tedious job, so help lighten the load.

Attend the ceremony rehearsal.

Be available in the days leading up to the wedding to run last-minute errands.

Help the bride to get dressed the morning of the wedding.

Take responsibility for the emergency kit throughout the day make-up, hair brush, spare tights etc.

Dance with groomsmen during the formal dances. Hit the dance floor if it’s quiet and encourage guests to dance.

Carry the train of the bride’s wedding dress whenever necessary. Bustle the train before the dancing, and be ready to help fix it if it comes unhooked. Accompany the bride to the bathroom. Those dresses can make a simple bathroom trip quite awkward!

Remind the bride touch up her make-up throughout the day.

Remember, if your bridesmaids offer to help, let them!

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