How You Can Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever!

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We don’t want to scare you, but your new job title is a big deal! There’s no room for complacency or a flustered bridesmaid- thats the brides job! If you want to be the best bridesmaid ever, here’s some things to do and tips to follow on the wedding day and the build-up to it.


1. Be a team player and lead- nicely.

No one likes a bossy bridesmaid so be tactful, patient and always friendly to your fellow bridesmaids. If you are the leading maid, or the maid of honour the buck stops with you, but remember to include everyone in your decisions.


2. Be prepared to console a nervous bride.

Pre-wedding jitters are totally normal and even the calmest of best friends can turn into a frazzled and nervous bride, be prepared for this and have ideas thought up to distract and calm her. On the wedding morning if she’s feeling particularly nervous make sure she doesn’t neck all the bubbles or she might be swaying up the aisle.


3. There will be tears…

Tears from everyone; when the perfect dress is found, days before the wedding when it might just get all too much, on the morning of the wedding and of course from lots of people during the wedding! Your job is to catch these tears, the tears of happiness, nerves, joy and love! Be there for your bride and help her get through these moments.


4. Be prepared for emergencies.

There will be last minute hitches that on the morning of her wedding, the bride won’t have the patience to deal with, so it’s up to you to help rescue the situation. From AWOL guests to disappearing wedding rings, you were chosen because of your rational thinking and calm state of mind- now is the time to prove those skills!!


5. Get ready to use excellent bargaining tactics.

From cute flower girls who don’t want to play ball, to photographers who need more time, your negotiating skills are never going to be at their highest!


6. Make a speech!

One thing we love about weddings are the lack of rules. For everything, from style to theme, meal ideas to floral bouquets, you choose what you want and ignore what everyone else is doing! Same goes for the speeches, if you have a story to share about the beautiful bride, her wedding day is the perfect day to share it, so go on, give the best man a run for his money with a cracking speech!


7. Relax, and have fun!

There will probably come a moment during the wedding day, when your best friend is married and your job is now complete, be prepared for it, relax and enjoy the day!


Being a bridesmaid can be tough, but it is one very rewarding job!

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  1. Keep your patience no matter what ! We see lots of stressed brides and tired bridesmaids, it’s a tough job but it will be appreciated in the end !

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