Sun and Sea at Catherine and Robert’s Intimate Wedding

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Sometimes we get a wedding that literally takes our breath away. Today’s visual inspiration did just that. More so, today’s wedding shot by the amazing
Paula O’Hara displays two very important lessons for couples planning their dream day.

Robert and Catherine's Intimate Seaside Wedding

The first lesson is location, location, location. You will soon see the location of Catherine and Robert’s wedding will leave you speechless, it did us! Not only is the stunning location visually impressive, dreamy and magical, it shares a very special place in this couples heart – Mussenden Temple was the location of their first meeting. Choosing the location of your wedding should be given a great deal of thought, choose somewhere because of its significance in your life, and because you love it, not just because the price is right.

The second lesson is the importance of a brilliant photographer, one you immediately click with and one who ‘gets you.’ When the day is long over and you are well into your married life, a set of out-of-this-world wedding photographs will immediately bring you right back to relive the day.

So, with today’s lesson over, let’s move on to Catherine and Robert. This active couple first met at a hillwalking club, they started chatting on the steps of Mussenden Temple, Downhill, Co. Derry and things quickly progressed.

Rob proposed a year after we started going out, but it took us another 11 years to tie the knot! 

The couple immediately knew where their big day was to take place and after a little thought they chose an Easter wedding, simply because they knew their guests would be off work and because the weather is usually pleasant.

Catherine and Robert gathered together things that they love and had a relaxed wedding day surrounded by their close family and friends. The day went without a hitch, with the sun high in the sky and their children playing around their feet as they said their vows.

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Catherine & Robert’s Wedding Details

Photographer: Paula O’Hara Photography, County Armagh

Venue: Mussenden Temple, Downhill

Wedding dress: Ven Ven House

Wedding cake: Catherine’s cousin, Annette Rafferty

Flowers: Bluebells, L’derry

Bridal cars: Limavady Vintage Cars

Entertainment: Pure Fresh

Wedding rings: The Steensons, Catherines aunt and uncle

Thank you Catherine and Robert for sharing your awe-inspiring wedding day and to Paula O’Hara for working her magic as always!

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  1. Catherine Desmond says:

    These are absolutely GORGEOUS! and Congratulations to the happy couple!

  2. Anita Denvir says:

    What a great day, the photo’s tell the event perfectly.

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