How To Choose The Perfect Honeymoon Destination

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Your honeymoon is a great chance for the two of you to kick back, relax, and settle in to your new life together as married couple.  I’m sure we all have dream destinations in mind, but if you’re stuck on what sort of honeymoon you’d like, or where you’d like to go, try talking over a few of these suggestions with your other half and you should come up with a plan that’s perfect for both of you!

Memories of Holidays Past

One of the best ways to learn about a person is to go travelling with them, so if you and your h2b have been on holidays together, you probably know what kind of holidays you prefer.  Are you a couple that likes to keep busy, and take in loads of sights?  Or are you the couple that likes to lounge around by the pool or the beach, before hitting the town in the evenings?

Knowing what type of holidays you usually like will help to plan what type of honeymoon you should have.  If you prefer activity-based holidays, then a honeymoon with lots to see and do will be perfect for you, while if you prefer to take it easy and lounge by the beach, a fancy beach resort would do nicely!

But if one of you likes to get out and about while the other prefers the lazy beach life, you’re going to have to compromise.  Maybe you could stay at a resort, but opt to hire a car for a few days to see some of the surroundings?  Or maybe you could take in some sights in the morning (when it’s still cool) and relax by the pool all afternoon?

Hot or Cold?

One of the first things you’ll need to decide is whether you’d prefer a hot or cold honeymoon err… a hot or cold honeymoon destination, that is!  If you’re getting married in the winter, a romantic ski holiday could be lovely, especially cuddling up by a roaring fire after a hard day of skiing.  There are many luxurious ski resorts in all the top winter destinations, so whether you fancy a trip to the Rockies, or just nipping over to the Alps, you can definitely have a romantic winter honeymoon.

Of course, the warmer destinations are always the most popular for honeymoons, and lounging on white sandy beaches by crystal blue waters is not a bad way to start married life!  Whether you opt for a destination close to home, like Spain, Portugal or Greece, or want to venture further afield to somewhere like Mauritius, the Dominican Republic or even Australia, there are sun-filled honeymoons to suit any budget.

Near or Far?

Another factor you’ll want to consider is how far you want to travel.  After all the fuss and stress leading up to the wedding, you’ll really just want to relax, and for some newlyweds, relaxing doesn’t include 8 or 10 hour flights, and navigating strange airports to make tight connections.  If you DO choose to travel a long distance and find yourself getting a bit narky on the flight, just close your eyes and imagine how relaxed you’ll be when you arrive, sipping a cocktail by the beach.  Aahh… bliss.

Of course distance can also affect your honeymoon budget.  Flights to exotic locations are always going to cost a bit more than flights nearer to home.  So if you’re looking for a luxurious honeymoon, you might want to look closer to home, so you can save money on your flights, and splurge on a decadent resort.

All inclusive resort or DIY?

For some couples, relaxation means not having to plan anything.  In that case, an all-inclusive honeymoon might be perfect for you!  It will often be good value, and you won’t need to worry about booking anything yourselves.  Plus, meals and drinks are often included in some packages!  Bonus!

For other couples, the idea of organising an incredibly personal honeymoon means that an all-inclusive resort isn’t appealing at all.  In that case, you’ll need to reserve a bit of time (separate from the wedding planning) to research your options and make your bookings.  But if you have the time and energy to invest, you’ll end up with a honeymoon that you’ve both had input into, and will both enjoy!



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