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We recently caught up with professional makeup artist Christine Ryan from Ryan Makeup. Christine specialises in airbrush makeup application which is becoming an increasingly popular choice for brides. Christine chatted to us about her expertise as a bridal makeup artist and her work in tv and film application.

Ryan Makeup

You have a pretty impressive client list. Can you name a few famous faces you’ve worked on?

The most widely known person I’ve worked with would be President Higgins.  I’ve done his makeup for several high definition televised addresses, from the Áras to the United Nations. We mostly talk about our mutual love of dogs.  He has a couple of rescues and I volunteer with a rescue group called Dogs in Distress.


The most amusing person I’ve worked on is actor Alvaro Lucchesi.  Some of Alvaro’s films include The Count of Monte Cristo, Angela’s Ashes and In America. He once told me about the time he burst out of the bum part of his costume whilst playing Angela’s cousin, Leman Griffin in Angela’s Ashes.  He was bent over with wardrobe and makeup patching up the damage when the director, Alan Parker leaned over the camera and said to him ‘movie making, it ain’t glamorous, is it?’.

You’re very experienced in makeup application for film and media. How do you find bridal makeup compares to that?

The two aren’t that dissimilar in that both makeup styles need to withstand conditions such as indoor lighting, outdoor elements and often air conditioning. Film and bridal makeup must hold up to the effects of crying or high emotion on the part of the wearer.

What’s your most requested wedding day look?

There are really two that I get asked for time and again.  The natural, ‘classic’ bridal look (flawless face, softly defined eyes and rose coloured lip gloss) and 1940s themed makeup (winged liner, soft eye-shadow and a stronger lip).


Do you agree that bridal makeup should always look light and natural? Some brides are used to a full makeup look and so might not feel like themselves.

A bride should look and feel like herself on the day, only more polished and professionally done.  The trial and subsequent wedding day is not the time for a makeover/makeunder. Save major changes for nights out.

You specialise in airbrush makeup. For those who haven’t tried it before, how does it work?

The airbrush pigment is loaded into a small spray gun powered by an air compressor and sprayed at the face at a relatively high pressure.  This technique imparts tiny, imperceptible dots leaving the wearer looking flawless, even toned with a base that lasts. No nasty brush-strokes in sight in photos or video! Airbrushing is also ideal for brides with special concerns such as pigmentation issues or scars.


Airbrush is now trickling down to the mainstream for brides as photographers and videographers are switching to increasingly affordable HD technology when documenting weddings.

Make sure your airbrush technician is experienced and qualified otherwise there can be health risks involved with having air and product sprayed close to your face at high pressure.

How would you deal with a wedding day beauty disaster such as a large breakout of spots on the face?

I believe prevention is better than cure.  I write up a personalised free skincare plan for all of my brides after the trial so that they can address any skincare issues prior to the big day.

What’s your pet beauty peeve?

Too much product badly applied.  Unforgivable if the wearer is a professional MUA.

What’s your desert island beauty product and why?

Cinema Secrets professional correctors.  Highly pigmented, full range of shades which photograph beautifully without looking too heavy.


The recent Mrs2Be beauty survey revealed that a huge 60% of brides have trouble finding a foundation to match their skin tone. How do you get around this when applying bridal makeup?

I mix and match various foundation types and shades thereby customising the shade to suit the bride-to-be.  Unfortunately, most women can usually only afford one bottle of foundation at a time so this is not as easy to achieve on a day to day basis .

What’s your best piece of beauty advice for brides-to-be?

Really think about what you hope to look like on your wedding day and communicate ideas as efficiently as possible to your hair and makeup artists.  The professionals are there to help and work with you to try to execute your ideal look so go into your trial prepared for best results.

Thanks to Christine for taking time out to chat with us. If you’d like to get in touch with her, or see more of her portfolio, visit her website at www.ryan-makeup.com or give her a call on 087 6565661.

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  1. Claire says:

    Christine did my make up for my wedding in December 2013. An absolute pleasure to deal with, and did exactly what I wanted which was to make me a better version of my usual self! I don’t generally wear a lot of make up so my biggest concern was not to look over done. Delighted with the result, highly recommended! Thanks again Christine.

  2. Sheila says:

    Christine did a fantastic makeover on me when I was attending a family wedding, It was unbelievable how many positive comments I received from all our relatives, at my age over(49) our eyes sometimes fail us when applying make-up.It made the day for me and I hope to benefit from Christine’s fantastic talents again in the future.

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