Tanvi and Shyam’s Colourful Hindu Wedding by IQ Photo

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There’s something lovely about taking a peek at how other cultures celebrate a wedding, and we have to say, Tanvi and Shyam’s Hindu celebration has blown us away. From Tanvi’s traditional Henna, to the jewels and materials used throughout the day, this wedding was one that was overflowing with vibrant colours, laughter and love. With thanks to IQ Photo for the images.


Tanvi and Shyam met in San Francisco when a mutual friend invited them to a baseball game. Little did he know what the consequences of introducing this fun loving pair to one another would be! …. Or did he?


Tanvi explains how travelling together early in their relationship helped bring the couple together:

“After we met at the ballpark we just hit it off and knew that we definitely had something that was worth pursuing. Within three months of dating, I went to Italy with him for his friend’s wedding and had such an amazing time. The true test was being able to travel together. We did it, had a fabulous time and fell in love. Since then we have traveled to Portugal, Morocco, NYC, Hawaii, London a few times and have many more destinations ahead of us.”


“I loved the fact that Shyam is so passionate about producing music, on top of having a career in finance. Shyam loves the fact that I am independent and love my career as a pediatric cardiac ICU nurse. That’s why we had everything at the wedding labeled as Nurse T and DJ Shyamroc.”


When they aren’t travelling, Tanvi and Shyam list “taking long walks, eating amazing food in the city, wine and beer tasting and watching the 49ers kick some ass” as some of their favourite couple-y pass times. Hmmm! We’re beginning to see why this fun-loving couple hit it off at that baseball game!

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“Having all of our close friends and family all under one roof to celebrate us was definitely our highlight of the day. We felt so loved!”


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