How To Create The Perfect Dessert Table!

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So, a standard wedding cake just isn’t going to cut it for your wedding, but what to do? Of course, you need a dessert table! Laden with sweet treats for both your big and small guests your dessert table should be both delicious to eat and a real visual treat. If you decide to give it a go yourself read on for some of our tips on creating the best looking dessert table, ever!


We salute you for having a go but maybe, just maybe you should still have your cake made by a professional? No-one wants to be icing their own wedding cake at midnight on the eve of their wedding, just saying!

First things first, you should style your cake or dessert table around the overall style of your wedding Whether it’s a shabby chic look you’ve gone for, or a touch of contemporary minimalism, your table should reflect your day.

Your dessert table should have a focal point, your cake. After the cake is in place build layers around it with different height cake stands, jars and even wooden platters for a rustic look. Use foods such as cake pops, cupcakes, macarons and even prettily wrapped candy to give your guests a great selection.

Colour co-ordinate all the way! And don’t forget little paper bags for those treats your guests might want to bring home.

Add extras such as interesting table linen, candles, mini vases of flowers, photo frames and even bunting to make it clear these treats are for sharing!

Use mini chalkboards or luggage tags to indicate what each treat is…

If you’re not fussed on the actual table provided by your venue bring your own! Do remember to leave someone in charge of delivery and collection after the big day- you don’t need to be thinking about that on your honeymoon.

Will you be creating a gorgeous dessert table for your guests? We’d love to hear your plans, simply leave us a comment below!


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