Destination Weddings in Malta – Truly Unforgettable!

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Destination weddings have become a trend that is increasing in popularity year after year! Many couples are opting to incorporate their wedding with a holiday together with their loved ones these days. One of the loveliest and most preferred destinations in Europe at the moment is Malta. Its gorgeous beaches and gardens, together with its rich history and magnificent architecture are the perfect combination of old and new, ancient and modern, traditional and exotic. There are countless possibilities of making your wedding in Malta the most unforgettable day of your life!

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Have you always dreamed of a beach wedding? Do the energy and color of a garden wedding attract you? Did you know that it is possible to have your wedding at sea? What about a winter wedding at a place that carries the spirit of winter without the low temperatures? You can have all that and more in Malta! You cannot escape the charm and energy of the small Mediterranean island, no matter what part of Malta you are on. Another plus is how very small the country is, making everything easily accessible. You can even have your ceremony and reception in two completely different places, making the experience all the more unique. With the help of the professionals at I DO KNOT, everything is possible!

Once you have chosen the venue and the general theme for your big day, you can start adding small touches that will bring more life and character to your wedding and give it a Maltese touch. Try incorporating some of these cool ideas:

  • Did you know you could have fireworks at your wedding in Malta? The island has one of the best and most active fireworks scenes in the world… just think of all their festi (village feasts)!
  • Maltese are proud of their food and there is a reason why! The traditional pastizzi (delicious pastry-covered snacks stuffed with cheese or peas) and the bite-sized imqaret (dried dates covered in deep-fried filo-type pastry) served with cream or ice cream are only some of the delicacies the Maltese people will win you over with.
  • You can also add some Maltese flavour to the bar. They have soft drinks, liqueurs and wines made from honey, prickly pears, aniseed and more.
    Souvenirs that will certainly make your guests remember your big day in Malta are handmade soaps, wooden gifts, sweets (perlini – sugared almonds are especially popular for weddings) and gifts made out of glass.
  • It is also a nice touch to incorporate some local foliage and flowers in your arrangement. It adds authenticity to your wedding in Malta.
  • Last but not least, you could also incorporate traditional means of transportation such as a horse-drawn carriage (karozzin)or if you are near the sea, you can even arrive at your reception venue on a traditional Maltese boat (luzzu or dghajsa) to the awe and amazement of your guests.

Your wedding attire is of utmost importance and choosing the perfect dress could be a long and difficult process. There are many factors that need to be considered, especially for a destination wedding. The wedding setting, weather, flight wrinkles… You can read some of “I DO KNOT”’s tips on how to travel with your wedding dress and make sure it arrives safely. If you’ve been walking around the stores and not finding anything you like, you have one more option – have your dress custom made here in Malta. This will save you the trouble of having to bring it with you when you travel and will also ensure that you have a one-of-a-kind gown.

Family and friends have a big part in making your day perfect so to repay them, you should keep them entertained during their stay. Lucky for you, the Maltese Islands make this an easy task. There are endless possibilities for your guests to have a great time. Rest assured, boredom will not be heard of!

If you already know that there will be a number of children amongst your wedding guests, you must ensure that they too have a great time. Take a look at these tips. There are various factors which need to be taken into consideration and choosing the professionals at “I DO KNOT” as your destination wedding planner, will ensure that all your wedding guests, irrespective of age, shall have a fantastic time at your wedding.

Didn’t all this sound just perfect? We think so too! What’s next is for you to get in touch with the creative team at I DO KNOT and let them help you have the most amazing wedding you can dream of!

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Thanks to I Do Knot Malta for sharing this with us. x x

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