DIY Wedding Favour Tutorial : Wild Flower Seed Placement Pots

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In the first of a series of DIY wedding tutorials, Kajsa Kinsella from shows us how to create these simple Scandi-style DIY wedding favours in three easy steps.


“I have always treasured gifts that turn into something else,  so I came up with these little pretty things. They also double beautifully as placements,” she explains.

Step 1:  Ask in your local hotel or café for some tiny jam pots. They’ll probably be happy to give them to you, since they end up in the bin anyway. Clean them well and paint the lids white and Dulux Pale Peacock blue. Let them dry and give them a second coat.

I harvest these beautiful seeds from my garden each year and I particularly love to use a wild flower mixture for wedding favours, as it’s filled with new, beautiful beginnings. If you don`t have any of your own, buy a large pack of mixed seeds and use them instead. You can also mix in a few dried twig bits and broken leaves to rev up the rustic effect, so collect some from outside, let them dry and crumble a little into each pot.

Step 2: Write the invited names on a Word document. Aim to get the text colour as close to the Pale Peacock blue as possible. Print and cut into small rectangles with the help of patterned craft scissors. Dab the edges with a ruby red ink pad and glue them to a small tag decorated using a rustic heart stamp and a tiny butterfly stamp. (Both of these can be sourced through Etsy.) I actually used the emulsion to stamp the images -it gives it all a very homely look and the paint washes right off the stamps. The red paint is called Burmese Ruby and is also by Dulux.


Step 3: Stamp a rustic heart on each lid and let them dry. Fill your pots with the seeds and tie the name tags around the necks of the pots.

finished 1

And you’re done! So pretty, easy and thoughtful!”

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