DIY Wedding Tutorial – Cookie Tin Candles

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DIY Scandi Cookie Tin Candles  4

Continuing her series of Scandi DIY wedding posts for Mrs2Be, Kajsa Kinsella from Northern Shore Design shows us how to make these cute DIY cookie tin candles.

“Making your own candles for your wedding is a pretty special process – they symbolise warmth and hospitality for you and your future life together as husband and wife.DIY Scandi Cookie Tin Candles 1

Step 1: These cookie forms are easily found on the internet. In Sweden we make delicious almond cakes in them! If they are second hand, wash them well before you paint them to remove any grease.

DIY Scandi Cookie Tin Candles

Step 2: Paint them Dulux Ivory White and Pale Peacock Blue. Give each two coats, but only paint the outsides.

DIY Scandi Cookie Tin Candles  3

Step 3: Dab some Dulux Burmese Ruby paint on the rim of the cookie forms. Be careful not to use too much paint or it will end up looking like a Halloween decoration!

DIY Scandi Cookie Tin Candles  4

Step 4: You will need to work very carefully at this stage. Half fill a large pot with water and heat it up. Place a smaller empty pot inside the larger one. Make sure you use an old pot that you won’t mind discarding later, since the wax is nearly impossible to remove. Break some tea lights into smaller pieces and let them melt in the small pot. Keep the wicks for later. Place the wick in the bottom of the cookie form, and gently pour in the hot wax. Let the candles set.

There are lots of different coloured tea lights and even scented ones to choose from, so you can take your pick and make candles that suit your own wedding theme.”

If you’re thinking of making these DIY cookie tin candles don’t forget to let us know how you get on by leaving us a comment!

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