Enjoying Your Day Vs Entertaining Your Guests

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Chatting with your wedding guests

With almost three hundred guests going to her wedding, my friend was getting more and more panicked about not enjoying the day and the pressure of the thought of having to speak to each and every guest at her day was weighing heavily on her. I think she’d have gone as far as to say, she wasn’t really looking forward to it. Of course, I was worried. I stepped in an shared some of my wedding etiquette knowledge with her. So brides, if you’re starting to feel the pressure of your day here’s some little tips and advice to make sure both you and your guests enjoy your day.

1. Greet everyone with a smile. Even if you don’t know the guest very well, smile, it’s your wedding day and you should be the happiest person there – as well as your groom!

2. The reason you might feel you want to talk to all your guests is because you really want to thank them. Why not ask your groom to say a very personal thank you to each and every guest for giving up their day to share it with you. He should also mention that if you don’t get round to speaking to them, don’t take it personally, have fun and you will soon catch up after the wedding, you have the rest of your married life to do it after all. Better still, what about taking the podium yourself and saying what you want, it might seem quite nerve-wracking at the time but the plus side is, the pressure is then off you to speak to everyone!

Chatting with your wedding guests

3. Keep your conversations brief and know what you are going to say to your guests. Asking if they are enjoying themselves, did they like their meal, they are looking lovely and thanks again for the great wedding gift will suffice.

4. Appoint a lifesaver! There will be guests who want to chat with you all night. Have someone prepped to politely interrupt so you can move on to the next person.

Chatting with your wedding guests

5. Set a time limit. If by 11pm you still haven’t spoken to all that you had hoped, don’t fret, instead grab your dancing shoes and hit the dance floor! It’s your wedding day and by gum you’re there to enjoy it!!

I’m delighted to say my friend gave a short and sweet speech to her wedding guests and then spent the rest of the night on the dance floor! Hopefully, these tips might help you out of a sticky situation. 


All images: Mark Tattersall Photography via Etsy Wedding Blog.

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