Eight Father Daughter Moments that will give you all the Feels!

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The father of the bride plays a very special role in most couples wedding days, whether it’s giving their daughter away, or the little nuggets of wisdom they share during their wedding speech. Today we’re sharing eight father daughter moments, beautifully captured, some happy, some tear-jerking and some funny. We hope you’re inspired for your special moment photographs for your Big Day.

1. That first time you see your daughter


(Photo by Photography by Marc Lawson)

2. The I can’t quite believe we’ve made it here look of happy-sadness


(Photo by Porfyri)

3. The last minute pep talk


(Photo by Tracey Buyce)

4. The banter on the journey to get married


(Photo by RRM Photography)

5. The very emotional father daughter dance


(Photo by Three Nails Photography)

6. The photo when he just can’t hold it in any longer


(Photo by Kirsty-Lyn Jameson Photography)

7. The photo that sums up the happy-sadness of the occasion


(Photo by My One Love)

8. The banter that breaks the ice


(Photo by David Bastianoni Photography)

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