Five Reasons to have a First Look

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Has a first look crossed your mind? Do you know what we mean by a first look? 

A first look is a moment in time that lots of American couples do on their wedding day. Before the ceremony and once the bride and groom are ready in their wedding finery they meet and have a special few moments together before the ceremony. A first look is sometimes captured by the photographer and the images are always breathtaking. The look of love and adoration on the couples faces are enough to bring tears to your eyes a lot of the time! 

Does this sound like something you’d like to do on your wedding day? We know many brides don’t want to break with tradition and some think seeing the bride before the wedding is bad luck. We think if you’re up for it, why not? 

Today we’ve come up with five reasons why you should at least consider having a first look. 

1. You will still get your moment up the aisle. 

Lots of brides worry that by having a first look their wow moment going up the aisle will be lost, but it won’t! The moment is huge, you are about to get married! 

2. It should help calm any nerves. 

We have been at weddings where either the bride or groom, sometimes both are extremely nervous and it’s not all that nice to witness – you really want to run up and give them a big hug! By having a first look you should hopefully set aside any nerves. 

3. Create magical photos. 

If you consider your wedding day photos to be an important element of the day, the images your photographer will capture during your first look will be amazing. The raw emotions of love and happiness will be captured forever for you to look back on. 

4. Spend time with the person you are marrying. 

Yes your wedding day is all about you but remember you are hosting a party for your guests and they will want to talk to you so why not take this precious time before the ceremony to spend time with the person you are marrying. 

5. Escape the pre-ceremony stress. 

Before the ceremony, as enjoyable as it is, there will always be a little frantic rushing about from some of your bridal party and family. Whether it’s your mum making sure everyone has eaten, the florist adding finishing touches to the ceremony arch or the best man casually looking for the rings. Get away from it all and spend a few relaxing moments with you guy! 

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