Floral Garlands

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Flowers can take your wedding from beautiful to out-of-this-world beautiful! There are no rules to say you should only be carrying flowers – why not add them to your hair?

Floral Crowns

If a floral hair crown is good enough for Natalie Portman, well it’s good enough for us mere mortals too!  Never underestimate the power a simple headpiece and glowing locks on your wedding day, but remember the old saying; less is more. Take a look at some of our favourites…



I just adore the laid back feel of these floral pieces.

L:  Inspired by nature and using very muted colours this floral crown can still deliver on impact.

R: The hedgerow flowers give it a relaxed feel which would work perfectly with a carefree wedding celebration.


Not technically flowers, but with the same idea, this linen floral crown is very Kate Moss don’t you think? It has a definite whimsical touch to it, I love

Best of Buds flowers/ Pauline Dennigan Photography

How about these for floral fancies? This stunning inspiration shoot was captured by Irish photographer Pauline Dennigan.

Best of Buds flowers/ Pauline Dennigan Photography

The AH-MAAAA-ZING floral crown and floral BOUQUET were created by Carrie from Best of Buds – breathtaking!!


The rich autumnal colours and tiny little berries in this pretty floral crown really dance in this bride’s blonde hair. Stunning.


Even if you don’t feel you would like to wear a floral crown, don’t forget the little ladies in your bridal party – just look how sweet this headpiece is! Floral crowns have long been a favourite of Royalty and if you ask me, it’s easy to see why.


What do you think, are you keen on this floral trend?


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