Floral Wedding Cakes

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Many brides use their wedding cake as a great way of completely expressing their personalities, whether that be by having a little model of the bride and groom on top, a cake made from different varieties of cheese because that’s what they prefer or even completely covering their cake in marshmallows, because they love them so!

Floral Wedding Cakes

If none of these options float your boat, we know what works for many –  flowers! From quirky to elegant, vintage to contemporary, using flowers as a theme for your cake can create SO many options! We have asked some of the country’s top cake designers to share with us their favourites…

Enjoy, and no drooling!

Dress with Fresh Flowers

Even the simplest of cakes can be transformed with the addition of some stunning fresh flowers. Ask your florist to include this in your quote after you have told them what size and shape your cake is. These cakes decorated by Gift Cakes look so simple and elegant with a touch of ribbon and fresh flowers.

Cakes decorated with fresh flowers from Gift Cakes

Gift Cakes, Dublin

Scattered blossom

Spring is an ideal time to use a simple sugary soft colour palette for your wedding cake and add delicate blossom to it, just like the cherry blossoms that will be falling outside. This look can add a slight vintage touch to your day and certainly blow your guests away. Pastel shades with delicate flower petals like these from Icing on the Cake are perfect for a spring / summer wedding.

Wedding cakes with blossom design

Icing On The Cake, Meath

Floral Wedding Cakes

Best of Flavours

Sugar Crafted Flowers

You could opt to have your cake teaming with delicately sugar crafted flowers, this makes a very big statement and looks amazing! Choose your main flower from your bouquet and carry it right through to your cake.

Wedding cakes with sugar crafted flowers

Gift Cakes, Dublin

Sugar crafted flowers on wedding cake

Icing On The Cake, Meath


Quirky Cupcakes

We all love a good cupcake and no more so than master crafted cupcakes on our wedding day. Using rich, decadent colours and a lot of artistic ability, pretty and quirky little floral inspired cupcakes will definitely leave your guests talking!

Wedding Cupcakes from The Cake Cuppery

The Cake Cuppery, Dublin

How scrumptious looking are these cupcakes from The Cake Cuppery?


If you fancy some more inspiration take a peak at our Floral Wedding Cakes board on Pinterest.


We love floral inspired cakes and cupcakes, what do you think?

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