Flower Girl Grannies & 11 More Completely Unexpected Wedding Trends from 2016

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Today we’re looking at the most unusual wedding trends to emerge so far this year and trust us, some of these are sure to take you by surprise! Of course as with many of the modern wedding trends appearing recently, a lot of the rather ‘alternative’ stuff is coming over from our cousins across the water – and there are some that have us extremely excited! Our favourite of the lot? Grannies getting in on the bridal party action by becoming the new/old flower girls (or Flower Grans, as they will henceforth be lovingly referred to as). Other trends we think will be picked up by Irish weddings in 2017 are; selfie sticks as portable photo booths, the fabulous two-in-one wedding dress and next-level delegation (yes please!)

Thank you to the Dunloe Hotel in Co. Kerry for creating this amazing infographic with some of the most unexpected wedding trends that are turning up this year! We think you’ll agree there’s some very cool stuff here!


So which ones, if any, do you see yourself adopting for your weddings in 2017?! Let us know! Thanks again to The Dunloe in Kerry for sharing this great infographic with us!

Main image credit: ALLAN ZEPEDA via People.com

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