8 Things To Consider If Having Flower Girls

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If there’s one thing guaranteed to bring the ‘awww’ factor to your big day, it’s a flower girl or two.

Who could resist those cute little dresses, tiny satin shoes and angelic smiles in the wedding photos?

Having one or more mini maids’ in your bridal party is a wonderful way to include the children of close friends or family members in your big day which is an honour for their parents and the most exciting treat ever for the little ones!   But as with anything, when there are kids involved you need a little extra forward thinking to make sure everything runs smoothly.  Here are our top things to bear in mind when you’re having flower girls in your wedding:

1.  Don’t Rush Out To Buy Their Dresses Straight Away

Children grow alarmingly fast so it’s best to leave dress shopping or fittings as close to the wedding as possible so you can be sure the dresses will fit on the day.  If you really need to buy in advance, choose at least one size bigger to allow some growing room a too big dress is much easier to alter than a too small one!

2.  Make Sure They Are Comfortable

The last thing you want is a flower girl tripping over the hem of her dress or pulling at an itchy label all the way through your wedding photos so make sure her outfit is practical and easy to wear especially shoes, which should be flat and fit snugly for all day comfort.

3.  Choose Flowers Wisely

Hair circlets that won’t stay on and heavy bouquets of delicate blooms don’t stay looking good for long and keeping it simple is often the best option.  Ask your florist for ideas as to what the little ones could carry there are lots of cute alternatives to bouquets that are easier for kids to manage.

4.  Make Sure They Know What To Do

Your flower girls should be included in your wedding rehearsal and you should take extra time to explain what’s required of them so they don’t get nervous and have a meltdown at the last minute!

5.  Give Her A Buddy’

Ask one of your bridesmaids (not the chief bridesmaid) to take responsibility for the flower girls she can calm any nerves, make sure they have their bouquets and have been to the loo etc. before the ceremony begins.


6.  Be Realistic, Especially With Toddlers

The younger your flower girls are the more likely it is that they’ll find it hard to stick to the format on the day and you should make allowances for this.  Very little ones will prefer being close to mum so sit their parents near the front to reassure them and don’t fret if they don’t stand where they’re supposed to for the ceremony the main thing is that they are content (and quiet!).

7.   Give Older Flower Girls A Job

This not only makes them feel important on the day but helps keep them from getting bored, and they’ll love helping out with little jobs like scattering petals up the aisle, passing the guest book around at your reception or even just chaperoning younger children.

8.  Don’t Forget The Reception

By this point in the day little ones will be getting tired and sitting through the speeches could be a challenge so provide an activity pack at their place settings to keep them busy perhaps include some crayons and paper, a small toy or game and a small book to read.

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  1. MrsEL10 says:

    Great advice. We didn’t get their dresses or shoes until near the wedding. Their shoes were flat shoes. They didn’t have bouquets – they had a ball of pearls to carry (which went with my pearls and feathers theme). They came to the rehearsal and we thought it was easier that they walked up the aisle holding hands rather than going separately.

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