Flowers on a Friday: Discover the Untamed Love collection by Charlotte Balbier

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Friday calls for flowers all day long – especially when the sun is shining! Today we’re delighted to share the exquisite new 2017 bridal collection from Charlotte Balbier, beautifully titled Untamed Love. This incredible selection of gowns is pure bridal joy and to top it off, Charlotte has been sharing her inspiration behind the collection.


Untamed Love

What was the inspiration for the 2017 Untamed Love Collection?

I hoped to capture the bride’s attention and imagination with the new Untamed Love 2017 collection. It’s a different collection from what I’ve ever crafted and I dedicated over 12 months of love and attention to its creation. I love to constantly evolve the Charlotte Balbier brand to be at the forefront of the market and I could not be more delighted with the new gowns. The Untamed Love Collection is all about celebrating individuality and being your own kind of beauty.

Where did you get the inspiration for this collection from?

I’ve taken all my inspiration for the Untamed Love Collection from my brides, because my brides are the most important thing to my brand. I love to connect with all of my brides via social media and I really take on all of their feedback. It’s great to hear which styles and shapes the brides resonate with and which gowns they are truly attracted to. I travel around the country all year around to trunk shows and meet with my clients individually to chat in person. I love having a strong connection with the brides who wear my gowns to embrace the individuality, style and fabulousness of each and every one of them. I have two very distinctive styles, one is glamorous and the other side is the inner BOHO girl at heart. The Untamed Love Collection embraces my inner hippy and the more opulent side to me!

Charlotte-Balbier-Untamed-Love- Charlotte



Untamed Love

Can you give us an overview of the various shapes of gowns that the collection includes?  Tell us a little about the details that the designs feature? 

Dreamy ethereal gowns sit alongside fun and playful floral print works of art combined with classical simple and romantic gowns. My collection really does take into consideration all shapes and sizes and we love to give brides a lovely choice of shapes and fits to choose from.

Charlotte-Balbier- Untamed Love -Posy


What colours did you choose to use in the new Collection?

I love to play with colour palettes and this is evident in the new collection, sitting alongside the traditional ivory hues, are antique gold’s, silver pewters, apricot tones and of course my favourite blush and rose pink shades. Any bride wanting to make a statement during her wedding would wow her guests in the Untamed Love gown for sure. Colour is great for a bride who wants her day to be remembered above all others.

Do you have a personal favourite within the collection?

I only design gowns I love so I have to say I love them all! It’s absolutely impossible to choose one single design!

Charlotte-Balbier- Untamed Love -Carmel


Charlotte-Balbier- Untamed Love -Bloom


Which design within the collection would you suggest for brides wanting a classic look and why? 

I’d recommend the Agatha gown for a classic bridal look. It’s such a classic gown with a lovely strapless detailing. The silk used to create this gown is classic and heavy. It’s a simple classic gown, which will look ageless in wedding photographs. It has a modern look to the gown the way the bodice twists into a lovely finish.

Charlotte-Balbier- Untamed Love -Aphrodite


Charlotte-Balbier- Untamed Love -Agatha


And what about brides wanting to make a style statement?  

Without a doubt a bride who wants to make a statement would have to go for the Bloom gown or the signature Untamed Love gown. These floral gowns would certainly be a dress to be remembered and put the wow factor into your wedding. They are truly wonderful, feminine gowns to give the edge to your wedding and bridal photos. A bride could embrace the BOHO look altogether and go all out with a floral flower crown too.

The new Untamed Love Collection will start to arrive in-stores from August.

Charlotte Balbier gowns are stocked at Belladonna Bridal, Galway, The White Room, Mullingar & Cathedral Gowns, Downpatrick.

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