Four Ideas To Make Your Maids Stand Out This Summer!

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Every bride across the land has one thing in common; they dream of a unique wedding day with interesting elements that no other bride has though of, it’s a competitive world out there in bridal land! Today we’re saying let your bridesmaids shine, step away from tradition and go for choices people won’t expect! Here’s four ideas to make your maids stand tall above the rest…

1. Floral Print Dresses

Dressing your maids in floral print dresses is a trend we’re seeing across the pond a lot this year, and it’s easy to see why- they are feminine, romantic and unique! Whilst some bridal designers have included floral prints into their collections, a look around the high street is where you should start. From loud and proud bright prints to softy and floaty gowns with watercolour effect prints, floral is a gorgeous way of making your maids that bit different.

2. Sequin Dresses

Really, who doesn’t love a touch of glitter and sparkle in their life? One things for sure, bridesmaids do! Sequin bridesmaids dresses are a scary step to far for some brides but this look is pretty easy to carry off especially if you remember, less is more. Bridesmaids wearing an all-over sequin dress should keep accessories and styling simple, don’t overdo it with lots more details! Go for glitter we say, just think of those early evening photographs with your maids subtly sparkling around you.

3. Statement Florals

You don’t always have to choose statement or unusual dresses for your maids, think about interesting floral ideas instead. One oversized single bloom such as a stunning peony or sunflower works great, or what about a floral corsage. We love the above idea, a corsage wore on the top of the arm, amazing! You could also go for a wrist corsage which looks equally beautiful.

4. Skirts & Separates

Just like you found your fella, find a dress and fall in love! Remember you make the rules so if you choose to dress your maids in fashion-forward dresses that you simply can’t live without, do it! Your maids will be happy, they’ll look gorgeous and you’ll have achieved your vision of a unique bridal party!

Are you stepping away from tradition with stand out bridesmaids? 

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