Gifts from the Girls: Bridal Advent Calendar

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No no, we haven’t gone mad and yes it still is August but today we’re having a look at a brilliant gift idea for your bestie on the run up to her Big Day! If you’re a Maid of Honour or bridesmaid we’ve got the perfect pre-wedding gift, a bridal advent calendar!

Even at (slightly!) over the age of 30, we still love to have our very own chocolate advent calendar during the run up to Christmas – oh, the joy of opening those little windows every morning is so exciting, and your bride will feel just the same with a bespoke bridal advent calendar.

So, what really is a bridal advent calendar we hear you ask? Well, put simply it’s an advent calendar with a wedding twist to spoil the bride, packed with useful gifts for the 12 days (or as many days as you fancy) leading up to the wedding. If you’re the creative type this gift will be right up your street and your imagination is the only limit in terms of design. As you’ll see below many ideas we’ve found below feature a cork board with individually wrapped little gifts attached and numbered but you could go to town and design your own completely bespoke idea.

Bridal Advent Calendar

Available from Humming Bird Cards – This 12 month planner would make the perfect engagement gift!

What to include…

Beauty treats: Nail polish, eye and face masks, lip balm, a new lipstick or perfume for the day.

Wedding candle: Choose her favourite scent.

Pyjamas, personalised robe, and an eye mask.

Sweets and treats for the morning of the wedding: Chewing gum and mints.

Mini bottle of Prosecco and cute straws.

Personalised wedding dress hanger.

We know weddings are an expensive business so why not join forces with the other bridesmaids or a group of your friends to create this parcel of happiness for your Bride-To-Be? Happy crafting! 

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