Grooms Wear: Suits Explained

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One area of the wedding the groom can’t get out of contributing to is their wedding attire! Many couples will find they haven’t the first clue about grooms wear, especially when they are faced with rails and rails of suits!

Just like choosing your wedding gown, it is best to be prepared and know what’s out there, what’s in style, what will fit with your wedding style and what shapes suit your man!

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Here is a quick rundown of the most popular styles on the market for your main man:

Morning Suit

A very traditional choice for weddings, the morning suit has recently seen a huge revival with couples who are after a timeless and stylish look for their groom’s party. The morning suit consists of morning jacket, commonly known as tails, which is a knee length jacket that tapers away from the mid-rift towards the hips providing a tail effect, waistcoat and striped trousers.

Morning suit


Prince Edward

The Prince Edward jacket is a popular modern choice for many grooms, as it falls just between the more relaxed lounge suit and very formal morning dress. The jacket is single breasted and three-quarter length, falling midway down the thigh. It is most popular in black, navy, grey, brown and ivory and can be worn with matching plain trousers or with the black and navy jacket, coordinated striped trousers. The Prince Edward is generally worn with a coordinating waistcoat, wing collar shirt and either cravat or for a modern look, a tie.

Prince Edward

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Lounge Suit

A lounge suit is just like a regular suit you would wear to work everyday, but obviously a little more special! It has quickly gained major popularity with many grooms because of its modern appearance and comfort whilst worn. Although the lounge suit is available in a double breasted version, the single breasted, one or two button jacket is proving to be the popular choice for suave and contemporary grooms. The lounge suit is available in a large range of colours, including black, grey, navy and shades of brown, with grey and recently navy proving to be the most common shades for a classic yet contemporary look.

Lounge suit


Black Tie

Black tie is worn for very formal occasions such as gala balls. If you choose to get married in the evening or even around the festive period, black tie formal wear can really cut a dash! A black tie outfit is made up of a black suit, generally wool, with jacket lapels and trouser braid in a contrasting fabric such as silk, a white dress shirt, black bow tie, waistcoat and black dress shoes. White tie is yet another step up in formality, commonly know as the ‘penguin’ suit. It is the most formal dress you can get for weddings.

Black tie


Highland Wear

Even though highland wear is the traditional wear of Scotland, you don’t need to be of Scottish decent to wear a kilt and all the trimmings to your wedding! The addition of kilts at a wedding make for really colourful photographs as well as being very smart looking. If your man is brave enough to go all out make sure he doesn’t forget his sporran and ghillie brogues!

Highland wear

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