Looking After Your Wedding Suppliers

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Suppliers play a huge part in making your wedding the day of your dreams. From creating elegant bouquets, to making us women look gorgeous, to capturing every memory in photos and on video, each supplier works tirelessly to help make your big day perfect.

So what can you do as a bride to help make their job a bit easier?


Some wedding suppliers, particularly if they’re working the full day, will expect something to eat. After all, their jobs don’t really give them proper lunch or dinner breaks! Some suppliers may mention this in their consultations or in their contracts. If not, don’t be afraid to ask!

Not every supplier needs a full, sit-down meal with the rest of your guests although if your photographer or videographer is a friend, or close family friend, or even if you just get on really well with them, I’m sure they’d appreciate it. Otherwise most suppliers will be happy with bar food, and that way they can have a bit of a break as well!

If in doubt, and if it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere… ask what they’d prefer!


It’s something you may not even consider, but even though they work in the wedding industry, your suppliers may not know every single wedding venue in the country… especially where you’re getting ready!

If you’ve included a map or driving directions with your invitations, why not send the same thing to your suppliers? Or find the location on Google Maps and email them over (hint: the send button is on the right hand side above the map). Or, for those tech-savvy suppliers, include some GPS coordinates.

Contact Details

Make sure your suppliers have contact details for you, your H2B, and anyone else who may be important. Maybe give them your Chief Bridesmaid’s and Best Man’s contacts, as they will be able to handle any last minute phone calls on the morning, while you’re having your hair and make-up done.

Some suppliers may also ask for your other suppliers’ contact information. I recommend writing up a contact information sheet with names and mobile phone numbers, and giving it out to anyone important. That way, if (God forbid!) there is an emergency, or someone doesn’t show up, you have a backup team of people who can contact the missing supplier for you.

Shot Lists

Some photographers will ask you for a shot list, or give you a form to fill out. This is the best way of ensuring that you get all the photos you’d like to have. Of course there are the standard shots of the couple, their families and the ceremony, but maybe you’d like to have a photo with grandparents? Or another close family friend? Or some other special memory? Drawing up a shot list is the best way of ensuring that those important photos don’t get overlooked.


One of the nicest things you can do for a supplier is to give them an awesome review. From the florist, hairstylist and makeup artists, to the hotel, photographer and videographer, positive reviews help to spread the word about their good work.

Do they have a Facebook page with a Reviews tab? Do they have a testimonials section on their website? Take a few minutes to share your experiences! Or send them a nice thank you card or email, and mention that you’d be happy for your comments to be included in their client feedback.

If you post a wedding report on forums, give details of your suppliers, so future brides can search for reviews on potential wedding suppliers.

And don’t forget to spread the word to your newly-engaged friends, as well as on mrs2be!

(Image: Pawel Bebenca Wedding Photographer)

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