Helping Your Day Flow Beautifully

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So you have spent a year, maybe more planning and prepping for your big day and now it’s almost time to say I Do, but have you given much thought to how your day is going to flow? Have you a timeline or a plan B to make sure your day goes off without a hitch and that your guests are happy campers? No, well worry not! Here are five ideas to make your day absolutely perfect…

1. Pre-planning is key: A few weeks before your wedding day take time to walk yourself through every step of your day, from wakening in the morning right through until you head to bed as a married couple. Draw up a basic timeline of how your day will go; breakfast, hair and makeup, getting dressed, traveling to your ceremony, time for photographs etc. Speak to your officiant to get exact timings for your ceremony, your photographer and your wedding planner at your reception. Knowing how long everything will take will help your day run smoothly, and remove any stressful situations, you have to relax and enjoy your day after all!

2. Nominate a time keeper: For your morning preparations maybe your Chief bridesmaid could take on this role, their ultimate goal is to get you ready in time. Chat with your hair and makeup artist to make sure you have given this important part of wedding prep enough time, and don’t forget to count in actually getting into your dress, especially if it has a hundred buttons to be done up! Make sure your groom knows of his own timings; what time he needs to arrive at the ceremony and who has the rings! These are very important tasks for the Best Man to look after!

3. Ceremony: At the ceremony your Ushers should be informed of a time when all the guests should be seated ready for the ceremony to start, with your officiant taking over once it has begun.

4. Make time for photographs: Have you chosen to stop off somewhere en route to your reception for photographs? Questions to answer are, how long does it take to travel there, how long will photographs take here, and if it rains is the location still feasible?

5. Reception: At your reception things to consider are how long you designate for speeches, if your venue offers a Master of Ceremonies to announce what’s going on, or if your Best Man or appointed person is doing this. Don’t forget to remember time to cut your cake, everyone and their Nan wants this photo so it could take some time!

Although, pre-planning your day in a regimented fashion might sound pretty clinical, and not overly relaxed, believe us if everyone knows what they need to do and at what time, your day will flow in a relaxed fashion, you won’t have to worry about a thing, only smiling the entire day!! 

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