Honeymoon Destinations: Mauritius

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Honeymoon Desinations - Mauritius

Planning your wedding can be stressful and we guarantee you will be well ready for a relaxing honeymoon after! If you don’t fancy much more than soaking up the rays in a tropical paradise, Mauritius may be the place for you!


Lying 2400 kms off the coast of Africa, Mauritius is a dinky 42 miles long and 29 miles wide. The island has over 160 kms of coastline, is surrounded by coral reefs (except for the south coast) and is packed with stunning bays, hidden coves and powder white sands just waiting to be explored. Inland tourists will discover tropical jungle landscapes, an extinct volcano, breathtaking gorges and waterfalls.

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The island offers a unique blend of several different cultures – African, Indian, Oriental and European – with a strong Creole culture at the forefront. The island has always been regarded as a luxurious, upmarket destination that attracts the rich and famous seeking an unspoilt paradise. Mauritius is recognised as one of the top 10 exclusive destinations in the world, and a simple peek at one image of the island’s lush beaches will show you exactly why!

Hammock on Mauritius beach

No matter what area of the island you find yourself on there are vast lengths of beaches to satisfy, with 58 beaches in Mauritius. One of the most popular destinations on the island is Grand Bay. It has some of the best beaches on the island including Grand Bay beach, Mont Choicy beach – the longest on the island – and Pereybere beach, which has a deep lagoon, perfect for snorkelling. Grand Bay has very modern resort facilities and is the most developed. It is home to amazing resorts with luxury villas and a marina which is the centre point for all kinds of water sports. The Black River Gorges National Park is close to the Grand Bay beach and is a popular location for hiking and has spectacular waterfalls and wildlife in the natural rainforest.

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On the eastern coast of the island, Blue Bay Beach is a very popular destination, which boasts perfect crystal clear water. It is close to the town of Mahenbourg which has a good selection of resorts and hotels.

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Tamarin Bay Beach, on the south west coast is famous for its beautiful scenery and is a big hit with surfers. You can see the prehistoric volcanic mountains in the distance, as well as Yemen National Park which is waiting to be discovered by keen hikers.You can take a dip at the stunning Tamarind Falls or bathe in the sacred lake of Gange Talao, which is nestled in the crater of an extinct volcano!


Across the island many of the most luxurious resorts offer keen golfers some of the best world class courses for you to choose from, whilst your shopping bug can also be catered for with a browse around the market stalls of the capital, Port Louis, where you can pick up fragrant spices, pottery, silk and tea leaves.


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Quick Facts

Mauritius is rainiest between December and May and drier and hotter for the rest of the year.

Flight time from Ireland is approximately 15 hours.

Due to local laws and customs, same-sex honeymoons for men are not recommended. For more information visit www.ilga.org.

Don’t miss out on the local speciality Daube, a traditional dish of octopus stew.

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