How to be the Best Bridesmaid!

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So you’ve been given the absolute pleasure of being asked to be your bestie’s bridesmaid but now what? Do you know what your duties involve? Being a bridesmaid can he hard but enjoyable work. Your bride has chosen you to help them plan the biggest day of their lives – no pressure! 

Today we’re going to make sure you are the best bridesmaid ever with our list of dos and even better, don’ts! 



Be the bridesmaid you would want to have.

Be on hand to attend dress shopping adventures both for the bridal gown and your own dress. 

Be positive and open-minded on your bride’s choice of dress. 

Be a calming voice of reason when your bride gets stressed out. 

Be there for your bride. 

Show your excitement for the Big Day. 

Arrange or help with pre-wedding parties including the hen party and bridal shower. 

Be your bride’s voice on the wedding day. 

Be the timekeeper during the wedding morning prep, being overly late is not cool. 

Enjoy the wedding day. 



Don’t speak before you think about the wedding dress your bride has chosen, be respectful of her style choices. 

Don’t cause any dramas with the other bridesmaids, remember you are doing this for your friend. 

Don’t try to confuse your bride’s Big Day with your dream day. 

Don’t complain about the cost of the hen party, bridal shower etc. 

Don’t commit to more than you can handle, ask for help from other members of the bridal party. 

Don’t forget why you were asked to be a bridesmaid. 


Photos used from Sophie and Stephen’s wedding at Step House Hotel by Annie Kheffache Photography. 

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