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So you are planning a destination wedding – roll on the sun, sea and cocktails! However, extra attention needs to be given to guests when letting them know the details, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with some helpful tips for destination wedding etiquette…

Destination Wedding Etiquette

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Let your guests know the date of your wedding at least 6 months to a year in advance (depending on how far they have to travel). This allows them time to organise time off work, flights and accommodation. It also allows them to avail of discounted airfares if your wedding is a long haul trip. You can send your invitees save the date cards which have a website address with all accommodation and travel details to assist your guests planning their trip. This can be followed up with a formal wedding invitation including details of times and ceremony location about 8 weeks before your wedding.

When it comes to who to invite to your wedding abroad, it is often presumed that your guest list will be smaller, so choose family and close friends who you really want to be there to share your big day. Don’t forget to invite people who you know cannot make it as they will be delighted to know you thought of them.

It’s worth noting that when inviting a family, if you choose not to invite their children the parents may not be able to attend your wedding. It can be very difficult for parents to find childcare while they are away for a greater length of time, so bear this in mind when drawing up your list.

It is a nice idea to have a welcome dinner for your guests where they can get to know each other and get excited about your upcoming nuptials. If you opt to host a dinner, make sure you let your guests know on their invitations as this will save you a lot of time and effort once you get there.

Boarding Pass Save the Date

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It can be a lovely touch to show your appreciation to your guests by having a welcome basket for them on arrival. This can include a small token gift and perhaps a welcome note thanking them for coming.

It goes without saying that a destination wedding is more expensive for your guests than a traditional local wedding, so some couples feel uncomfortable accepting presents. If this is the case for your wedding, make it clear to your guests on the invitation that you do not expect gifts by saying something along the lines of ‘your presence is present enough’.

It can be nice to host a wedding party sometime after you arrive home for those who couldn’t make it abroad. If you are planning this then you will need to send out invitations for this event also. Make sure to have the details sorted for this day before you leave for your destination wedding!

Best of luck with your wedding planning, and most importantly, remember to have fun and enjoy the planning process!

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