Johanna Johnson Bridal Launches at Knightsbridge

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Johanna Johnson SS Bridal Show


1920s lovers everywhere are all in a flap about the Johanna Johnson bridal collection that has just launched at Knightsbridge in Dublin. Taking inspiration from old-school Hollywood glamour and the skyline architecture of  New York, the line falls into Johanna’s classic art deco style, perfect for a Great Gatsby-inspired wedding look. Caught your eye? Click through for a glimpse at our favourites from the collection!

The Zephyr gown(1)


If you’re looking for strong, structured bodices to hold everything in place, then this collection probably isn’t for you, as it focuses on delicate, figure-skimming numbers throughout. Each gown is handmade, filled with vintage details and constructed with embellished beaded designs, panelled silk, detailed French laces and reflective metallic silhouettes.

The Gershwin

‘The Gershwin’


The Vintage slip with Viola body chain

‘The Vintage Slip’ with Viola body chain


We saw several high street brands trying to make body chains a “thing” during 2013, but it never quite took off. Although it might be a bit much for everyday wear, we love how this Viola body chain adds to the simple Vintage Slip dress.


The Satine

‘The Satine’

As well as bridal gowns, Johanna also offers a range of accessories that work perfectly for changing up the bridal look to suit your own personal style. Like the dresses, each accessory has been handcrafted and specially treated to give a romantic, vintage feel.


Astor neckpiece – €860


Style: "Day 1"

Harlow Headpiece – €425


Lola cuff

Lola cuff – €210


JoJohnson_Lookbook_Sh 39_0122.LR

Zephyr glove – €575

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