Let Love Sparkle!

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This is one mini-trend that I’d be very happy for us to adopt from our American cousins across the pond! A sparkler send-off, or actually a sparkler anything at weddings is totally magical to me! Today I’ve had a look around the world and chosen my seven favourite wedding photos that include these glittery little gems!

1. A groom in a tux, a bride in a very stylish gown and a black and white setting, what’s not love about this image? Oh yes, and the happiness shining from their faces- adorable!

2. I can’t work out which I love more; the brides amazing style, the fact they are kissing or the magic in the air from their sparklers and fireworks? Try recreating this for a surefire wall print!

3. Sparkle and style was the order of the day for this wedding- just glorious.

4. Such a fun shot and wouldn’t it be fun to do on your wedding day? Tip: make sure you can move very freely in your dress!

5. This image makes me smile. A lot. So simple, sweet and pretty.

6. Happiness in a photo.

7. There are lots of these type of photos everywhere on the web, try recreating your own. If you fear for the safety of your wedding gown, why not introduce sparklers into your engagement shoot and have fun with your photographer?


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